As a very-pregnant Beyonce nears delivery, rumors are growing along with her baby bump. Queen Bey is showing an increasingly swollen mouth, prompting concerns either of pregnancy inflammation or plastic surgery lip implants. Did the the soon-to-be mom of twins get lip injections? Or--perhaps more worrisome-- is weight gain or some kind of gestational issue causing swelling?

Beyonce gets plastic surgery in pregnancy?

Beyonce posted images on Instagram that made her lips appear much fuller. Fans went berserk wondering if the mom of one had some kind of cosmetic surgery done.

Her mouth shape did resemble the tell-tale trout pout caused by implants. Folks inquired why the celebrity and husband Jay-Z would endanger their twins with such a procedure. It was asked what kind of plastic surgeon would perform an elective and potentially dangerous surgery with babies in utero.

Beyonce falsely accused of plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery gossip torched off a huge argument on social media. Some accused Beyonce of negligence and fetal endangerment. The "Halo" singer blames her fuller lips on gestation but some believed she was just lying to cover up the surgery. Others defended Queen Bey, saying no one had the right to assume she had lip implants just because it looked that way.

Others wondered if she didn't have silicone or some other lip injections, what was causing her Kylie Jenner-esque smile.

Beyonce has pregnancy lips?

Defense for the accused cited "pregnancy lips" as the cause of Beyonce's fluffy mouth. This is an inflammatory condition which makes the lips puff up. The inflammation is due to water retention and is pretty common in pregnancy.

It usually occurs in the ankles and is referred to as edema. But fluid can build up in the face as well. It's hard to tell from Instagram photos, but Beyonce's face might be a little puffy too, especially around the eyes. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian love the fuller mouths of pregnancy, but is edema safe?

Water retention, weight gain and pregnancy

Edema isn't related to excess pregnancy weight gain per se and so it isn't dangerous in that way. But it can be a sign of more serious issues like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia (pregnancy-related high blood pressure). The usual treatment is rest, elevation of the inflamed area, gentle therapeutic exercises, and proper hydration. Women should avoid high sodium and sugary or fatty foods. They should drink water with electrolytes to reduce water retention. After birth and with normal post-partum weight loss and health care, the swelling should cease.