Katy Perry has been a media sensation for several years. She clearly knows how to make it into the headlines. Recently, the pop singer was in the news for her 4-day long live streaming that she did for her fans on YouTube. During the show named "Katy Perry: Witness World Wide" she discussed various topics related to her past as well as her present. The live streaming ended Monday night in Los Angeles with the launch of her latest album "Witness."

Katy Perry's Live Recorded Sessions on Youtube

The 96-hour long show that started on Friday contained an hour-long therapy session with renowned therapist Dr.

Siri Sat Nam Singh on YouTube. While chatting with him, the pop singer revealed that there was a time when Katy Perry was so depressed that she felt like committing suicide. However, she also confessed that she is now ashamed of the Suicidal Thoughts she once had. The hour-long discussion was recorded as part of the therapy session to solve mental problems that celebrities face these days.

In the 60-minute session with Siri Sat Nam Singh, the host of popular TV series ‘The Therapist’ Katy revealed several intricate details about herself. She opened up about her past and how she struggled with alcohol and other addictions. Katy Perry divulged the problems she faced as a singer and how badly she craved for success.

The artist told her followers that during those harsh times there were a lot of moments when she felt so low that she wanted to end her life. She reiterated about her fight against alcohol addiction and her inspiration to stand up in life.

According to Fox News, it was the 60-minute session that was the most revealing and indulging.

Many of her followers liked her session with Dr. Sat Nam Singh the most. There was a time when she even began crying and her prompter had to ask her to stop the live streaming for a while. But Katy refused. The sensational singer also talked about various other things, like her career highs and lows, relationship with her parents, her childhood and love life.

While talking to the therapist she divulged about how she missed being her original self. Katy Perry also went-on to reveal how difficult it is to have two personalities. The sensational singer told her followers that she feels stuck between her two personas, viz. Katy Perry and Katheryn Hudson, her original self. She even referred to her on-stage persona self as a dream.

Katy Perry's Struggle with Negative Thoughts

Katy spoke about her popular song ‘By the Grade of God’ that gave her inspiration to overcome her struggle. She even revealed that she had been taking therapy for 5 years now and it is the conservative Christian upbringing that guided her to stay strong.

Katy Perry has had an illustrious career but like every other human being has been through good, bad and worse days.

She is a pop singer and a songwriter. She began her career as a choir singer at her local church. Her debut album was released in 2001 under her birth name Katy Hudson that wasn’t quite successful. The melodious singer rose to fame when her single "I Kissed a Girl" was released in 2008. During her career she has received various awards for her heart-touching singing. All Katy Perry fans were extremely happy about her courage and truthfulness, with which she revealed her deep dark secrets. She even made peace with Taylor Swift in the segment. Her fans have appreciated Katy for being her authentic self.