The new season of "Big Brother" premiered on Wednesday, June 28. The second part of the premiere is on Thursday, June 29.

Season 19 has 16 new contestants and one returning contestant competing to win $500,000 while staying in a newly renovated house for 92 days unless eliminated before then. Julie Chen returns. She has been the only host for the entire time "Big Brother" has been airing.

The theme this season is "The Summer of Temptation." Therefore, expect to see a lot of symbols and images about temptation including apples and serpents inspired from the first temptation in the Bible with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.


When the contestants introduced themselves, some of them admitted what they did for a living. However, viewers saw that some of them weren't truthful about their professions. They introduced themselves to their housemates in a way that will help them form alliances to keep them in the game longer. For instance, one person who had been a high-ranking military person introduced herself as a dog walker. She believes the other contestants would relate to her better with that job.

Last season's runner-up

Last season’s runner-up, Paul Abrahamian, was allowed to return. Producers say he was invited back because he was such an unforgettable character who played the game well last season. A lot of people, including the producers, thought Paul should have won.

Therefore, he is getting a second chance. Paul's coming back meant someone had to be evicted on the first night.

As the game began, Paul got to save eight players by giving them friendship bracelets. He spent only a few moments with each one who begged for mercy in their own way. Therefore, he didn't remember their names when he selected them. He pointed, and Julie called the person's name.

The other players had to compete for safety. In the end, Christmas, Cameron, and Jillian ended with a poisoned apple. Cameron, the microbiologist, was the one voted off during the very first episode. He commented that he was there only 12 hours.

So far, so good

Several things are obvious just from the very first night. This is going to be a very good season because of the diversity within the group.

Also, viewers and the contestants will never know when a twist or a temptation will become available. This group seems to be very hungry to win. Therefore, expect this season to be more energetic with more strategies because everyone is going to do whatever they need to do in order to stay in the house as long as possible by any means necessary.

Watch "Big Brother" on CBS on Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Thursdays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 8 p.m.

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