This summer’s season of “Big Brother” hasn’t even started yet, but the show’s longtime host julie chen is already talking about a second season of “Big Brother: Over the Top.” In an interview with 24 Hours, the longtime “Big Brother” host teased the possibility of another digital edition of the Cbs Reality competition this fall.

While Chen revealed she is ready to “attack” a “normal” season of “Big Brother” over the summer, she acknowledges it could segue into another online season of “BBOTT” shortly after “BB19” wraps in September.

A season 2 pick up has not been announced—yet

Julie Chen told the site that CBS hasn’t announced anything yet, but her feeling is “it will return more than it won’t come back.” Chen made it clear that if “Over the Top” does return, it will likely come with a new format.

Julie Chen admitted last season’s edition of the show was not promoted properly and a lot of fans couldn’t even find it online. Julie, who is married to CBS boss Les Moonves, revealed that even she had trouble finding “Big Brother: Over the Top” on CBS All Access, so she made a list of suggestions for next season.

How OTT differs from BB

“Big Brother: Over the Top” is more audience-interactive than its summertime predecessor, with viewers calling the eviction shots. There is also a “no napping” rule, which pleased live feed watchers but probably didn’t please the players. But the spinoff series also comes with half the prize money. Last December, Morgan Willett was crowned the inaugural “BBOTT” winner, beating out runner-up and “Big Brother” veteran, Jason Roy, for the $250,000 grand prize.

Less than 20,000 votes separated the “BBOTT” winner and runner-up, according to the Hollywood Reporter, so America was clearly divided.

Roy, who competed on “Big Brother” Season 17 before signing on for the scaled down digital edition of the show, told the New York Daily News he enjoyed both experiences but reiterated the two shows were both very different.

Jason said he was sometimes confused by how America did things in the interactive version of the long-running TV social experiment.

Incidentally, Morgan Willett’s win is considered historic in the “Big Brother” world. The “BBOTT” champ came from what may consider the most successful all-girls alliance in the show’s recent history — The Ballsmashers.

It will be interesting to see who she will pass the “BBOTT” torch to, should CBS decided to give the show a second season later this year.

“Big Brother 19” premieres Wednesday, June 28 on CBS.

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