"General Hospital" spoilers have already revealed that Rebecca Budig is on her way out as Hayden Barnes, and now we know exactly how she's exiting the show. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Budig's character, Hayden, will be killed off in a new shocking revenge storyline. It will reportedly all start when Dr. Liesl Obrecht, played by Kathleen Gati, will begin a revenge plan against Dr. Hamilton Finn, portrayed by Michael Easton.

Goodbye Hayden Barnes

As many "General Hospital" fans know, Monica Quartermaine has Curtis Ashford pretending to be a computer tech so that they can finally bust Dr.

Obrecht for tampering with Finn's drug tests. The entire plan was orchestrated by Hayden Barnes, and she'll seemingly be the victim in what happens next. Hayden will reportedly get caught in the middle of Liesl and Finn's war and will end up end or in a coma because of it. The saddest part about these "GH" spoilers is that Hayden is currently pregnant with Finn's child, and Finn is over the moon with excitement about having a baby. Sadly, it looks like Finn could lose Hayden and their child just like he lost his wife Reiko in the past.

"General Hospital" spoilers and rumors also reveal that Dr. Obrecht may be leaving the soap opera, so Finn could decided to kill her for taking away his love and their unborn child.

However, she may also head to prison and end up in Pentonville with her sister, Madeline Reeves, who is behind bars for killing Silas Clay. It has not yet been revealed exactly how Liesl will kill Hayden, or if she does it in cold blood or by accident, but spoilers reveal that it will likely be unintentional.

However, this isn't the first time that Liesl Obrecht has overstepped her boundaries.

Just a few years ago, Dr. Obrecht shot Victor Cassadine, played by Thaao Penghlis, in hopes of hiding the secret of Nathan West's true father. So, the doctor has a history of criminal acts, which is why some fans can't believe she was ever allowed to be the Chief of Staff at General Hospital in the first place.

Steve Burton to return

Meanwhile, other big "General Hospital" news reveals that Steve Burton will be returning the show. Burton, who exited the role of Jason Morgan back in 2012, will return to Port Charles in the near future. However, the character of Jason is currently portrayed by actor Billy Miller, and fans are wondering how the show will bring Burton back. Will Miller be booted from the role, or could Burton return as a new character?