After months of fan speculation over who to expect inside the "Big Brother" house this season, the wait is finally over! CBS announced this morning that the full season 19 cast will be revealed on Monday, June 19th, using the show's "All Access" live feeds. Jeff Schroeder, who appeared in both Seasons 11 and 13 of the hit reality show, will be on-hand to introduce each of the new faces to the online world.

Fans will have to pay to watch announcement

Launched in 2014, "All Access" is CBS's subscription streaming service, over-and-above what viewers may already pay for traditional cable packages.

At $5.99 per month, fans of "Big Brother" will need to pay for a membership before they will be able to view next week's House Guest announcement, or any other promised "bonus content" during this summer's season of the show. As the service is only available in the U.S., fans of the series who live outside of the country will likely find themselves region-blocked by the network.

For the most part, "Big Brother" viewers are accepting of the added cost to watch their favorite summer show, but there are some who took to Twitter to vent about having to pay more just to watch the long-awaited house guest announcement.

Plenty of mixed rumors about who will be playing

As for who fans can expect to see inside the "Big Brother" house this season -- this still seems to be anyone's guess, at this point.

The rumors swirling around season 19 seem to change almost weekly, with speculation equally-matched for both an all-star round as well as a roster of entirely new faces.

The recently-completed "Big Brother Canada" season 5 featured a split house of both past players and newbies, so it's possible this may be fueling some of the rumors south of the border.

Teaser commercials for the new season have offered fans very little to go on, with the of majority of clips shown in each spot having been pulled from last season. To make things even more confusing, past competitors have been posting their excitement about the new season since the beginning of the year, sparking hot gossip that several of them will be returning.

In the past week alone, separate lists have leaked online that contain entirely different information for the new season. Either CBS has a team of people working hard to pull a fast-one over everyone, or the producers of "Big Brother" are enjoying how little work they actually have to do to keep everyone guessing -- the internet is doing their job for them.