"Bachelor In Paradise" fans are thrilled to have production going once again on the summer series. Members of Bachelor Nation had all but given up hope of a season 4 before Warner Brothers decided that the claims of misconduct were unfounded. As the gang headed south of the border to start filming again, there were promo shots done. It looks like Reality Steve may have found one of Rachel's heartthrobs in a picture.

The following will contain a big name drop for "Bachelor In Paradise." If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Here come the spoilers

Reality Steve broke the news a while back that Dean Unglert would not be in the final two for Rachel's season of "The Bachelorette.

" There was chatter in Bachelor Nation and online that he could possibly be the next "Bachelor." While that idea drew a lot of support from fans, that is not where Mike Fleiss and the production team saw Dean. Instead, they offered him a spot on "Bachelor In Paradise."

TMZ did an article on the changes that have been put in place for the contestants of "Bachelor In Paradise." As part of the story, they included pictures and Dean Unglert is clearly a part of the group. Without a doubt, he is in Mexico looking to make a connection with a fellow "Bachelor" alum.

So what happens to Dean and Rachel?

Dean makes it all the way to episode 8 before he is sent home. It is right after the hometown dates. From previous seasons, Bachelor Nation knows this is the time where saying goodbye becomes really difficult.

Bachelor Nation knows that Dean and Rachel have formed a good connection. Dean has shared the tragically sad story of his mother's death with her showing that he is able to open up and be vulnerable. Fans will have to wait and see what leads to him leaving.

As Reality Steve told us a while back, Bryan is Rachel's fiance on finale night. Of course, this was after he had first said it was Peter and had to apologize for the wrong information.

He assures his fans that it really is Bryan, which means that Peter could possibly be the next to be cast as "The Bachelor."

At this time we don't have confirmation of other guys from rachel lindsay's season being on "Bachelor In Paradise". That should change as a little more time passes. The shooting for season 4 has just resumed and new contestants are joining each week.

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