"Bachelor in Paradise" is set to continue its Production following its suspension due to an alleged misconduct that happened on the set. ABC and Warner Bros., the production company behind the series, issued an official statement on Tuesday which confirmed that the show would resume its filming after an intensive investigation. A report from Rollingstone revealed that no evidence of misconduct was found; however, there will be some changes to the series policies.

Series to premiere in summer

ABC has made it to the point that the casts and crews' welfare is their main concern. Hence, two weeks ago, they were forced to cancel the show production for the meantime in order to investigate all allegations about the recorded tapes on the set.

Apparently, there was no evidence found after carefully reviewing the tapes. Hence, the production decided to move forward, and it is expected that the series will finally premiere this summer.

As the statement from the production continues, they intend to keep the privacy of those casts who were involved in the said videotape incident. Amid the allegations, those tapes, however, did not support any charge of misconduct that was done by any cast member.

Further, it is also believed that the production will implement an enhanced policies and procedures in order to ensure safety and security with the casts and crew.

Inappropriate behavior

Amid the suspension of "Bachelor in Paradise" production, reports revealed that the inappropriate behavior of the cast members, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, was one of the bases of the suspension.

In the following days, the production issued an apology to the series fans. Meanwhile, Olympios and DeMario were given a chance to hire their own attorney whom will defend them amid the issue.

In one of her interviews, Olympios claimed herself being a victim of that incident. She added that she was blacked out due to drinking and she has not given anyone consent to have a sexual encounter with her.

She further explained that she only had few memories left of that night when the two of them got frisky into the pool.

Meanwhile, Olympios also added that she understand really well if the production came to the point of suspending the series. She further added that the producer already filed a complaint against the production. Amid the conflicts faced by the cast members and the entire show, it is still good to know that they finally decided to resume the production anytime soon.

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