After the slightly embarrassing social media controversy of Bella Hadid last week, it seems like the fashion model has moved on from The Weeknd completely. The said social media fluke happened when Hadid, who has already unfollowed The Weeknd on Instagram, was spotted liking then unliking a photo featuring The Weeknd on Instagram. It was clearly an ex-girlfriend faux pas, but it seems like the model is ready to put things in the past behind as new reports reveal that she has been spotted leaving a party with Drake. The "One Dance" singer is currently single and was last linked to Jennifer Lopez.

According to Elle, they have received reports that Bella Hadid and Drake were seen partying all night at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles. The rumors that the two could be dating ignited when they were seen leaving the venue together.

Paparazzi strikes again

Photos of Bella Hadid and Drake together remain unreleased, but according to Elle, the photographers who took separate paparazzi shots of the two revealed that the celebrities tried to play coy and left via different exits. Drake reportedly arrived around 12:45 a.m. and Victoria's Secret model followed a bit later, around 1:20 a.m.

Bella Hadid and Drake reportedly left together around 4 a.m., with Drake exiting through the back door and Hadid exiting via the front doors and went straight to one of the "Hotline Bling" singer's cars.

Reps of Bella Hadid and Drake have yet to comment on the dating issue, and it is quite understandable since it seems to be a bit early to say that the two are dating.

Moving on from their failed relationships

Even though it is still unestablished if Bella Hadid and Drake got romantic after leaving together, their fans are hoping that the two would hit it off.

Currently, they are both single, and they have both been survivors of a recently failed relationship.

If anything, Bella Hadid and Drake seems to have one thing in common when it comes to their exes, and that is the fact that their former partners are flaunting their new relationships in public. Although it's not a protocol for celebrities to have a new partner after a breakup, fans of the rumored couple are hoping that they click and try to get to know each other better.

Although they have an almost ten-year gap, with Bella Hadid still about to turn 21 years old by October this year, it seems like age doesn't matter when it comes to Drake's choice of women. Jennifer Lopez was 17 years older than Drake, so dating a woman who is ten years younger might be another experience for the "No Frauds" singer.