Numerous developments in the "Bachelor in Paradise" investigation are coming out daily after allegations that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were entangled in a hook-up gone wrong. It was revealed early on that everything unraveled during filming after a producer filed a complaint about "allegations of misconduct" on the show upon viewing footage of Corinne and DeMario's encounter. Reality Steve's sources confirm a report by E! Online that the producer didn't actually view the footage, but heard about it second or third hand.

What's going on?

Shelby Adams is named by Steve as the producer who filed the complaint without ever having seen the footage in person or on tape.

She's also a good friend of Corinne's and was her producer on Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor." Adams was said to be upset over Corinne being too drunk to consent to sex with DeMario despite several claims she was instigating the sexual encounter with him in a pool and was lucid the whole time.

Steve writes that a second producer, Jessica Brown ("JB"), also filed a complaint about the "Bachelor in Paradise" incident. He imparts that neither Adams nor Brown saw the footage in question of Corinne and DeMario's overtly sexual scene. Steve continues that everyone involved in this wishes they could take it all back because they weren't expecting it to reach the level that it has. The cast was sent home and filming was suspended when it all hit the fan.

Some are distancing themselves from Corinne

"The Bachelor" spoilers guru added that his sources have informed him Corinne's publicist has fired her and is no longer representing her. In the meantime, fans watch to see who follows and unfollows each other on social media. Someone wrote Reality Steve in his Reader's Emails about several "Bachelor" alum unfollowing Corinne as the investigation carries on.

DeMario wants footage released

DeMario wants the footage released of his encounter with Corinne, TMZ reports. DeMario believes the video will prove what he's said all along that Corinne was lucid and fully engaged in what she was doing. If he can't obtain a copy, he wants Warner Bros. to release a statement that he's not the one under investigation.

Sources tell TMZ that DeMario is looking into hiring a lawyer to protect himself.

Although Corinne hasn't blamed him for anything, he's not willing to chance it. When asked what happened in Mexico, he says he has no comment or hard feelings towards Corinne.

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