The shocking news came out that "Bachelor in Paradise" shut down production and may not even end up airing this summer. They sent all of the contestants back to the United States. Reality Steve shared that it had something to do with Corinne and DeMario. If you don't remember DeMario, he was on the season with rachel lindsay and was the guy who had a girl show up and say she was his girlfriend. Now someone is sharing DeMario's side of the story.

What did people who talked to DeMario say his side of the story was?

People who got the chance to talk to DeMario spoke out to TMZ and shared his side of the story.

Reality Steve had already shared what he had heard went down. Now sources are sharing that DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios are both villains from their seasons and production allegedly told them that one of the storylines this season would be these two hooking up. Sources say they met up at the bar and had a lot to drink.

It was shared that Corinne Olympios got on his lap and started to make out with him there. Next, they allegedly went over to the pool and then took their clothes off, where there was a lot of sexual stuff going on. It was all kissing, rubbing and more, but according to these sources, DeMario and Corinne didn't actually have sex because the alcohol kept him from being able to perform.

What happened the next day?

These sources actually said that DeMario shared that he saw Corinne the next day and everything was fine between them, but it was someone else that got upset. An Executive Producer saw it all go down and was "uncomfortable" with what was shot. Next, an investigation was started. His version says that DeMario and Corinne were sent home early and then the rest of the cast was told they were going home as well.

You have to remember that various stories are coming out at this time. Hopefully, ABC will share a statement once they get everyone home and can get a chance to share their thoughts. The fans want to know if this show will end up coming out at all, but so far it sounds like none of it is going to air. The fans are really disappointed to hear this news.

Right now, everything seems to be a bit in limbo, but the stars of the show have all been sent back home again.

Do you believe DeMario's version of what went down on "Bachelor in Paradise"? Are you still shocked to hear that the show might not air? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" with Rachel Lindsay on Monday nights on ABC.