There are some serious stipulations to becoming a "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant. Radar Online reports details of leaked contestant contract reveals some bizarre rules.

"Bachelor in Paradise" if you sign on the dotted line, sign you your rights away

The celebrity news site says a contract was leaked from this season to CNNMoney by a source close to the production that reveals that producers pretty much have the right to do just about anything and everything to portray all contestants as they deem fit. All that is needed is for the contestants to sign on the dotted line.

If you are considering ever auditioning for one of these reality television series you are going to want to read all the fine print before giving up all your rights going in.

What price would you pay to be a reality television star?

The leaked "BIP" contract clearly states that the camera crew has the right to film contestants naked. Editors may pick and choose at their will to edit re-purpose footage, and the show is even allowed to lie about contestants to beef up the drama and drag viewers to their TV sets.

The warning is in the contract that states contestant actions while filming, no matter how embarrassing, or humiliating it may be, or how it could affect their lives are of no concern of the show.

Rules stated in the contract reveal that those signing on to participate must refrain from illegal behavior or harassment. They are also to understand going in that the producers do not encourage sexual relations and intimate contact among contestants.

Wait, isn't this a show where participants meet and date hopefully meeting their Mr., or Miss Right?

BUT...the contract is also reportedly worded in a way that reveals the show's producers are not responsible should a contestant get injured, even if the injury is a result of unwanted sexual advances and contact between contestants.

Odd clause to have in a television series?

The contract mystery plot thickens. The inside "BIP" source let Radar Online in on some past issues that have taken place during filming.

They claim that sometimes the contestants get too sexually free with each other with some out of control and not meant for television acts do go down on camera.

They also claim in the past that contestants have even been filmed having sex in front of others. Curiosity forces us to question, what happens to said tapes of sexual acts? Warner Bros. is just about ready to resume "BIP" filming after "investigating" claims of sexual misconduct between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

The studio is adamant that there was no evidence supporting such claims, but then again, according to the "BIP" contract, it wouldn't really matter if there was, right?

Josh Seiter, a past "Bachelorette" contestant reveals that he is not shocked by the recent allegations.

He stated to Radar Online from his own past experience that the producers call all the shots, tell you where, when, and with whom to talk, but they soften the barked out orders with lots of booze.

He also supports what is written out on the contract, that no one in production really cares what happens as long as the studio gets their "good TV." The raunchier the better for views seems to be the popular opinion on the social media. They seem to agree that the contestants are aware of what the show is all about when they agree to go into the project.

The name of the game is to entertain and keep the viewers coming in. It is all about the money. All in all, it sounds pretty shady and a little scary for contestants, but after all, they are there of their own free will hoping to become a star, and that they will catch enough attention that keeps them in the limelight as long as possible.

It is a risk some people are willing to take. Is reality television getting too out of hand these days, pushing the limits further and further with each season?

What are your thoughts on all this "Bachelor in Paradise" drama that has gone lately?