Priyanka Chopra appeared in the Hollywood Film "Baywatch." The film with superstar Dwayne Johnson had poor comments from critics and also bombed at the box office. However, Priyanka weathered the criticism of the film and its lack of success at the box office. Many appreciated her role as Victoria Leeds in a negative role as a villainess. She stood out in her swimwear. This has now borne fruit as the actress has been signed for another Hollywood film.

The latest news is that Priyanka has started shooting for her next Hollywood film "A kid like Jake." The film also stars Jim Parsons of the "Big Bang Theory" and Claire Danes of "Homeland" fame.

The film is based on a play by Daniel Pearl.The actress is reported to play the role of a single mother in the film.

Priyanka is now effectively a Hollywood actress. News has also emanated that she has been signed for another Hollywood film "Isn't it romantic." She stars along with Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine. The actress will also feature in part 3 of the TV serial "Quantico." This makes Priyanka effectively a Hollywood star. The Indian Express newspaper reports the news.

Preferring Hollywood

In March, Priyanka had visited India. At that time she had said that she was considering acting in 3 films in Bollywood which she had shortlisted. With the signing of these two films in Hollywood, it appears that Priyanka's Indian adventure will have to wait a bit.

There are reports that she will do a film with Sanjay Leela Bhansali but nothing is announced. Priyanka is the first actress from India to have made it big in Hollywood. In fact, one can't think of any actress from Asia who was a success in Hollywood.

In America

Priyanka studied for some time in America attending schools in Newton, Massachusetts, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a short stint in Queens in New York.

She returned to India and entered the Miss India contest. She went on to win the "Miss World" title in 2000. She entered Bollywood and after some inconsequential roles blossomed out into a top star. She got her break in American showbiz with the main role in the TV serial "Quantico." There was no looking back for her after that, and now she has cemented her place in American TV and films.

Last word

Her fans will be anxiously waiting to see how her Hollywood films fare at the Box Office. Priyanka is 34 and single and is not romantically linked with anybody. Priyanka also raised some controversy when she met the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi with bare legs, but she took the criticism in her stride.

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