'Avatar 2' is believed to hit theaters in December 2020 despite the fact that it has delayed its production due to lack of technical tools. On the brighter side, James Cameron shared that the movie's second sequel will be made available in 3D; however, it won't require viewers of the 3D glasses.

Cameron shared that the upcoming film will reflect much on the advancement of technology and hence, they will make use of a 3D film. He also revealed that they had extended their collaboration with Christie Digital for five more years. Hence, both teams are now working toward the upcoming film in order to deliver the best movie experience to the audience.

RGB laser projection systems

As the film is about to start the production, it is believed that the production will be using the so-called RGB laser projection systems in order to clearly deliver bright images at a high frame rate. This technology is set to be used in order to deliver crystal-clear and sharp images even without the use of 3D eyeglasses.

Further, Christie Digital is also believed to give their full commitment to doing the research and development that will enhance the movie. Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment also vowed to repeat the awesome success of the first sequel, "Avatar."

VFX technology

During the previous reports, lots of fans wondered on the reason behind the delay of the movie production.

Cameron, on the other hand, addressed the issues as he revealed that the production still lacked the tools needed for the graphics and technical aspects.

As for the upcoming sequel, Cameron shared that they will be using VFX technology, which is a state-of-the-art tool that will capture the scenes underwater clearly. Apparently, the production is set to make an oceanographic exploration together with the collaboration of the Twentieth Century Fox.

Apart from a 3D Film, there is a lot more to expect from the upcoming sequel "Avatar 2." Cameron also shared that he has been looking forward to these things to happening since it was his dream in his teenage years. Without a doubt, the "Avatar" movie sequel will be a dream come true for him in the years to come.

The audience will further expect that the underwater scene as shown in "Titanic" movie will soon be seen in the next movie sequel of "Avatar." As it hits theaters by 2020, more of its sequels will be coming up by 2025.