Over the last week, one of the biggest stories to dominate the news cycle has been Donald Trump pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accord. After Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway continued to praise the decision on Twitter, her message didn't go over well with critics.

Conway on Twitter

It's no secret that Donald Trump and his administration push back against the evidence that shows climate change is a legitimate threat to the population. Even before announcing his candidacy for office, the former host of "The Apprentice" expressed his skepticism about global warming, once claiming it was a "hoax" invented by China.

Since then, according to a report by Vox, Trump has tweeted his climate change denial over 100 times. This issue was a talking point used to lure in conservative voters during the election who often have a tendency to dismiss science, writing it off as nothing more than a "liberal conspiracy" to promote left-wing causes and harm the American job market. With this in mind, Trump confirmed what many news outlets had reported and removed the United States from the historic Paris climate accord on Friday, joining only Syria and Nicaragua as the two other nations to do so. In response, supporters of the president were thrilled, while many others expressed their outrage, including the majority of the scientific community.

As seen on her Twitter account on June 3, Kellyanne Conway decided to tweet her thoughts along with posting a graphic from Fox News.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Kellyanne Conway continued her support of Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris climate accord.

"Zero. This would be a useful graph in any story about #ParisAgreement," Conway tweeted. Conway's remarks were in reference to an attached graphic from Fox News that showed the United States was contributing $1 billion to the green climate fund, compared to zero from China, Russia, and India. Conway's comments come just one day after she refused to say whether or not the president believes that climate change is a hoax, deflecting the issue on more than one occasion during an interview with "Good Morning America."

Twitter reacts

In response to Kellyanne Conway's climate change denial tweet, social media users were quick to voice their opposition.

"When this country is underwater in 50 years, I am using your corpse as a raft KELLYANNE," comedian Kristina Wong wrote on her Twitter feed.

"So, since nobody else wants their population to have clean water to drink, we don't either. And clean air? No thanks," another Twitter user wrote, while adding, "Btw...didn't you just buy an 8 million dollar house, too?

What's this called again?"

"Kellyanne, China has invested $300 billion in green energy in the last year. India will be 100% electric cars by 2030. Stop lying," an additional tweet pointed out. "Completely and totally fake. What would you expect from a woman like this. Dishonest just like 45 her boss," another tweet read. The backlash continued as it was clear that the current administration was not going to hear the last of those who support action on climate change.