Director Michael Bay says though Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have been booked for "Bad Boys 3", the pre-production may not begin in coming months.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence portrayed narcotic detectives in the previous films. Martin portrayed Marcus Burnett and Will appeared as Mike Lowry, both fight the Mafia. Michael told Den of Geek that Will and Martin would reprise their characters in the third film and they might become retired officers instead of active-duty detectives.

Michael says that Will and Martin are gradually aging, so further delays in the shooting may render them unfit for the leading characters.

The film may not materialize

The third film, also called “Bad Boys for Life,” may not materialize. It's because no one has replaced Joe Carnahan on the movie. Michael confidently says that he won’t return to the film franchise and has better projects at hands. Bay is currently busy in the marketing of “Transformers 5,” which will swing into theaters on June 21, 2017, in eight countries worldwide. If the production does not start soon, the sequel may end up getting canceled.

Is Will Smith causing delays again?

“The shooting was delayed due to Carnahan vacating the director’s chair,” Den of Geek reports.

The viewers that have waited for months for a latest outing are left unanswered. Now Jaden’s dad is circling Disney’ latest “Dumbo.” Directed by Tim Burton, the film will once again pull Will from the set.

Unfortunately, Martin and Will have only a few projects lately. Will played a supporting character in “Suicide Squad.” Most recently, his film “Men in Black 3” did excellent business at the box office. In 1995, “Bad Boys” hit in all major markets in the world, and it became a major hit of the year. The film brought in $141 million while “Bad Boys II” grossed over $270 million.

Bad Boys 3” was originally slated to be released in June 2017, but it was moved to February 2018. The release date is unsure as the movie was pushed back again to December 2018. It seems that Will Smith is causing delays, or perhaps the producers have decided to give up on the film.

It was also reported that “Bad Boys 4” would be developed right after “Bad Boys for Life,” however, because of to the constant delays, it has no date fixed.

The news website claims that the fourth film was scheduled for June 25, 2019, but it was postponed once again. While the first two movies received positive responses from critics and audiences, the production on “Bad Boys 3” has not found a way to come together, for whatever reasons.