Rebel Wilson has won the Defamation charges that she filed against an Australian publisher of "Woman's Day" which accused her that she faked her age, first names, and upbringing in Sydney, Australia. The verdict against the Bauer Media was given after two days of deliberate trial at Victoria State Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, John Dixon, the Supreme Court justice, will later decide on the amount of money that the publisher must pay to the 37-year old actress. Apparently, Wilson is popularly known for her shows like "Pitch Perfect" and "Bridesmaids." Following the trial on Thursday, Wilson went to the court, and she shared that she felt the stain has been removed from her reputation.

False articles

Just recently, Wilson shared to her Instagram account how she felt against the Australian publisher. The actress emphasized that she took a stand not to clear the damage but to clear her name. She also made mention that she has been bullied by the Bauer Media Group as they published false and fabricated articles since 2015.

She further wrote on her Instagram post that most of the time, tabloid magazines, and journalists who worked for them didn't abide by the professional ethics of journalism. "Most often than not, writing false stories is very much disgraceful and disgusting," Wilson described.

Further, the Bridesmaids" actress denied all the accusations made by Bauer Media. She explained that she never lied to any journalists with regards to her name, age, and other personal information.

However, the actress felt bad that such false publication has caused severe damage towards her career including her supposed to be a role in "Kung Fu Panda 2."

Rebuilding the career

Following her winning against these defamation charges, the actress also shared that she plans to go back to Hollywood and build her career once again.

She admitted that Bauer Media had defamed her a lot. Also, since all their stories were proven false, Wilson hopes to bring back her career to its heights.

With all that happened, she felt like standing proud against being bullied. She also added that working hard on her career is her only way to defend against different media who tried to accuse her of false information that she didn't make.

Further, Wilson shared that she plans to have a new movie with Liam Hemsworth as she gets back in New York.

On the other hand, Bauer Media also released their statement following the verdict, and it stated that it would "consider its options."