Nintendo Switch is working on a new project with the Pokemon Company. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most awaited games by the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" fans, who have been waiting for the official announcement of this new project. Yesterday, Nintendo revealed some details about a new event to be held today. It has been rumored that "Pokemon Stars", a new Pokemon game that was announced by the Pokemon Company in recent days, could be confirmed at that event, but no specific details have been given about what this new project is about.

According to unofficial information revealed in social networks, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company plan to launch "Pokemon Stars" in the coming weeks.

So far, we could only take the information as rumor or speculation, because both companies have not yet confirmed anything about it. Last month, it was commented that this new game would arrive for the summer of 2017, however, new reports reveal that the launch date has been moved to December this year.

'Pokemon' Stars could be coming out on Nintendo Switch in near future

According to new details revealed by Ohmori, who works hand in hand with the Pokemon Company, the company is carefully analyzing the official date for the release of "Pokemon Stars". It is said that both companies are waiting for the launch of "Super Mario Odyssey" before the new Pokemon game is released, which would coincide with the arrival of Santa Claus and Christmas. From one point of view, we can see that both Nintendo Switch and the Pokemon Company are waiting that the market for video games and consoles be at its best to launch "Pokemon Stars".

Undoubtedly, is an understandable strategy on the part of both companies, because that date is where the biggest sale of video game consoles is presented.

And what about 'Pokémon Go' coming to Nintendo Switch?

It is obvious that “Pokemon Sun And Moon” will not be the only games developed by Nintendo Switch because it is necessary to take into account "Pokemon GO.

" Many the fans of the exciting application of "Pokemon Go" not see some kind of collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo, however, it is very likely that in the next year, both companies will come to an arrangement to take the game of augmented reality developed by Niantic to Nintendo Switch.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying this engaging game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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