Bertie Gilbert is a filmmaker and director who utilizes YouTube to showcase his work. He has released a total of nine Short Films and makes the occasional vlog or short video discussing his work and life with his audience. Over the years, the creator has learned new techniques and is continuing to develop as a filmmaker.

The filmography of Bertie Gilbert can be found on YouTube

His channel is simply called "Bertie Gilbert" and on this platform, he has released his creations to the public. Gilbert explores a range of issues and themes in his works the first of which is titled "Stray Dog" created when he was only 17 years old.

From there he went on to make eight more short films, the latest short being released this year in 2017. Gilbert both stars in and directs his own work often getting fellow YouTubers to act in his creations.

Other works include "Tick Where It Hurts", "Rocks That Bleed", "Blue Sushi" and "Playground". Bertie spends months working on these creations to perfect them in his eyes. True to a creators mind, however, he still finds faults when looking back on his films. He releases promotional videos a month or more before the film is released to remind his audience that he is still out there working on his next creation.

Gilbert's short films and the fear of growing in teenage demographic

Gilbert explores many themes with his short films but a favorite the filmmaker tends to come back to is the fear of dealing with death and growing older.

In such films as "Rocks That Bleed" and "Let It Be", he delves into the inevitability of death, even including the character of the grim reaper in one. Subsequently, in his most recent short film "Playground," the main character struggles with accepting the death of his brother.

Gilbert explores these themes in interesting and unique ways, which keep the audience watching.

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For example, the dialogue between two brothers reveal the end of the world, or better yet, the most recent film he released looking back on his entire filmography. The now 20-year-old finds himself having a conversation with another Bertie Gilbert. As one harshly criticizes his work, the other reminisces with a smile explaining how everyone has to begin somewhere.

Bertie Gilbert is a popular figure in the YouTube community appearing in many of his friends' videos. He has a total of 458,899 subscribers, nearly reaching half a million. As he continues to work creatively fans can certainly expect much more from the innovative creator that is Bertie Gilbert.