"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers tease Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) will fire his son, Thomas (Pierson Fode) after learning he forgave and helped Spectra stay in business. Steffy (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) will tell her father that she understands why Thomas felt the need to tell Sally (Courtney Hope) about the fake fashion review. However, she still worries that her brother will let Sally worm back into his life.

Ridge fires Thomas

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ridge will side with Steffy. They tell Thomas that they cannot allow him to work so closely with Sally --someone who stole from Forrester Creations.

Thomas tries to argue that he cares for her and cannot turn his back on her. Ridge fires him and tells him that Sally isn't welcomed in the Forrester family. Of course, this will only anger Thomas.

Thomas helps Sally

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers indicate that Sally has Thomas wrapped around her finger. Steffy worries that Sally will bring nothing but trouble for her brother and that she will take advantage of his talent.

The fate of Forrester Creations weighs heavily on Steffy's heart.

She worries that without Thomas, the company could face trouble. Of course, Ridge will assure her that he is a great designer and will make sure FC stays on top.

As for Thomas, "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers indicate that Thomas will go help Sally resurrect Spectra Fashions.

He will tell her that he will teach her how to design and help her develop her talent. After all, he has said many times that he "believes in her."

Steffy rages a war on Spectra

"Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers suggest that Steffy will refuse to let this criminal (Sally) steal her brother from her. She decides that Thomas is free to do whatever he wants, but she will wage war against Sally and Spectra Fashions.

Sally will let Thomas know that when push comes to shove, her loyalty lies with him, not Steffy. Sally won't let Princess Steffy push her around, this time, and will launch an attack if she tries to take Spectra off the fashion map.

The only unknown in this storyline is how Thomas will react. It's no secret that Ridge has pushed him around for years, even tried to "steal" his son from him. Will this be the last straw for Thomas?

It sounds things will get pretty intense between Sally and Steffy over the next few weeks. "Bold and the Beautiful" fans, are you team Spectra or team Forrester?

"Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekdays on CBS.