When Crowley mentioned several times as a catch phrase, "Kill me now!" we are pretty sure that was not a direct call to the "Supernatural" writers for them to kill him off in the final episode of the 12th season. Crowley, with his self-sacrifice, nevertheless managed to save the boys, and trap Lucifer in the alternate dimension. However, will the King of Hell make a comeback in season 13?

And the answer is...

No. Unlike his co-star Misha Colllins that plays the angel Castiel, Crowley will not be so lucky. Mark Sheppard confirmed his departure from the show, and bid farewell to the "Supernatural" family in his Instagram post.

He posted a picture with the caption: "So to all my #spnfamily everywhere... my crew and my fellow storytellers... thanks for the ride. Time for something new. Even when I lose...I win”

Crowley's death

Crowley and Castiel have had the longest tenure on the show, apart from Sam and Dean. His departure on the show; however, was truly remarkable. He managed to save the whole world by trapping Lucifer in that parallel dimension, sacrificing himself for the greater good. Maybe that human blood that he was pumping in his veins in season 8 left a bit of humanity in his darkened soul.

The actor, who has appeared on the show 72 times, represented one of the characters that, although he did really dark deeds and murdered a lot of people in unimaginably cruel ways, still somehow became a fan favorite -- maybe due to Mark Sheppard's genuine and truly talented acting.

Whatever the reason, it cannot be explained how an entire fandom fell head over heels for the villain.

Do we believe Mark's words?

"Supernatural" has killed off characters so many times, so now fans simply do not believe in the death of major characters anymore. Even Mary Winchester, on whose death the entire origin of the show was based, managed to make an epic comeback in last season's finale.

The show runners have stated themselves that they will not kill Sam or Dean anymore in finales, since that has been done an immense amount of times, and because main characters always seem to make a comeback -- one way or another. Also, fans no longer believe that a major character will stay dead, either.

Although Mark Sheppard himself confirmed the definite death of his character, many fans are taking this with a grain of salt.

After all, being that he is such a popular character, fans may very well see him re-appear at some point in the future. For now, though, it seems that the character will stay dead for the time being.

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