Recently, FOX delivered a very intense sneak peek clip for all of you "Gotham" fans out there, giving us great new spoiler scenes that we can expect to go down in episode 20 of season 3. We've got new looks at Gordon doing some more heavy fighting. A major bomb that could destroy Gotham actually goes off! Penguin gets a gun pointed at him by the Riddler, and so much more. This episode is called "Pretty Hate Machine."

Court Of Owls

The new clip starts off with a new look at the Court Of Owls in a big meeting. Bruce Wayne is spotted at the meeting and it's questioned why he's there.

Next, we're shown a scene that features Gordon in action. He's spotted alerting the police department that the Court of Owls is planning a huge attack on the city and to be ready for anything. Will Gordon and company be able to stop yet another attack from this malicious group? Or will they finally get the upper hand this time? Those are the very huge questions for this situation.

Guns ready to fire

Next, we see a scene with Gordon and company going to work busting open some doors with their guns ready to fire. Next, we see Bruce (or maybe it's the doppelgänger). I'm not sure. Whoever it is gets told what will trigger a huge bomb. Then, out of the ashes, a dark hero will rise. Also, during this period of the clip, we're given a new look at the Riddler pointing a gun at Penguin again with Ivy standing right behind him.

It looks crazy intense. Will the Riddler pull the trigger again? Or does Penguin have some backup this time that will thwart this situation?

Destroy all of Gotham

Next up, they bring us back to Bruce -- or the look-alike. He's seen saying that this is now his destiny and that Gotham must fall. So it looks like he is actually going to go ahead and set off the bomb that's supposed to be able to destroy all of Gotham.

Will he actually do it? Or will he change his mind? They cut the clip short before any sort of reveal. They want us to tune in to find that out and we definitely will.

Bomb counter hits zero

Another brutal fight scene was shown simultaneously. There's also a glimpse at Gordon trying to disarm the bomb manually. However, the clip caps off with one last scene that unfortunately features the bomb's counter hitting zero and going off.

It explodes in a cloud of smoke.

Could this really mean the end for Gotham? Or will another solution pop up in the midst of all this madness? One thing we can be sure of is that this episode is going to feature drama and suspense. Be sure to check out the new clip below. Episode 20 is due to arrive on Monday night, May 29th at 7pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.