Amber Portwood's relationship with Matt Baier has always been up in the air if you ask “Teen Mom OG” fans. When Amber started dating Matt, she was convinced she had found the love of her life. However, her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley decided to do some digging on him for the sake of his own daughter Leah. He didn't want a stranger to be around her daughter so he wanted to know more about Matt.

Gary learned that Matt had indeed plenty of children, some of which he never acknowledged or had told Amber Portwood about at the time. When Amber learned the truth, she was completely devastated.

However, she was madder at Gary for revealing such information on “Teen Mom OG” because it made her look stupid and it cast a cloud over her judgment in regards to her relationship with Matt.

In addition to the custody issue and him hiding children from her, Amber later learned that Matt had also reached out to other “Teen Mom” stars in hopes of hooking up. Not only had he reached out to Jenelle Evans who had shut him down, but he also reached out to Farrah Abraham previously.

Can Amber Portwood forgive Matt for his many lies?

Amber Portwood was the third "Teen Mom OG" star he had reached out to and she bought his story. They met up and they bonded over the fact that they had both had issues with drugs and that they were now sober.

Matt appeared to be head over heels in love with Amber, so she never questioned whether or not he actually just want to date her for the sake of fame.

It sounds like things are turning around in Indiana. On “Teen Mom OG”, it sounds like Matt is starting to question whether or not he actually wants to marry Amber. In a recent discussion covered by Radar Online, Matt is seen questioning whether he really wants to get married to Amber and he actually calls her brother a derogatory name.

She reveals that she has no interest in getting married to someone who doesn't respect her family members and he completely flips out, sharing that he doesn't want the producers to air his fight with Amber on “Teen Mom”.

Matt loses his cool while filming for MTV with Amber Portwood

“I will not marry her,” he ripped. “I will not marry her now, ever!

I’m not gonna let her brother dictate my life. That f*****g f****t. She wants to marry her brother. That’s who she wants to marry. F**k her. She just humiliated me on TV. I’m done.”

Amber has yet to say anything about her relationship troubles on social media but the scenes for “Teen Mom” were filmed months ago, so it is possible that they have worked out their issues. Matt hasn't said anything either, so it is possible that this was just a single fight and they have moved on. On the other hand, it is possible that they have broken up or that they're trying to figure out what they really want in their future. Either way, it sounds like Amber may be is questioning whether Matt is the guy for her since he completely flipped out on her brother and even said he didn't want to marry her.

Portwood has already been warned by her “Teen Mom” co-stars and they are encouraging her to dump him. Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham both said that she should break up with him because he tried to hook up with them. Matt denies ever trying to hook up with them, even though it was documented on Twitter that he was trying to get in touch with them. Rather than listen to her co-stars, Amber decided to stick with him, but she may be questioning whether this was the right decision.

Do you think Amber should dump Matt Baier and find someone else even though she is invested so much time with them? And do you think he was just with her for the fame, now that he's got himself a role on the TV show and has landed himself a book deal?