"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood's former landlord is suing the MTV reality star for more than $6,000 for property damage and unpaid rent stemming from Portwood's former rental lease from last year (according to a new report from Radar Online).

Amber Portwood accused of trashing rental home

Amber Portwood and fiance Matt Baier are both named in the lawsuit filed earleir this month in Warren Townships Small Claims Court by the property management company under the name of Zuluscape, connected with her previous rental home. Zuluscape claims that Amber and Matt left the house in total disarray and in need of numerous repairs before the home could be rented to a new tenant.

'Teen Mom' star bashed for over-charging customers at boutique

Damages include repainting and replacing the carpet in the entire home due to excessive pet damage and odors caused by Portwood's two dogs and two cats. Along with the pet damage, repairs were made, replacing damaged window blinds, doors, and drywall. The suit also includes fees for trash removal and dumping fees for garbage left behind from Portwood and Baier.

However, one neighbor has stepped foward to tell Radar that Amber Portwood was not as bad as she is being made out to be in the lawsuit. The neighbor, who lived across the street, claims that Amber was a "quiet neighbor," adding that "she rarely came out of the house."

He also stated that it was a while before he ever knew it was Amber Portwood living in the house, and he is a fan of the MTV "Teen Mom" series.

"I watched the show before, and I knew her, but when she first moved in we didn't know who she was," he said. "She wasn't loud or nothing like that."

The court case with her former landlord is not the only issues Amber is dealing with these days. She is also dealing with some hostile customers from her online boutique who claim that Portwood has been overcharging them, and making it very difficult for them to return items purchsed from her store.

The "Teen Mom" star and fiance Matt Baier are scheduled to appear in court for the lawsuit involving her former landlord on February 23, 2017. Based on what you know about Amber Portwood from "Teen Mom," do you believe she is guilty of damaging her former home and being a shady business owner?