Porsha Williams is a huge name in reality television these days. She's one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Porsha made headlines just last week when the reunion special for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” aired. During this reunion special, Porsha learned that her best friend Phaedra Parks had lied about one of the biggest accusations of the season. Williams believed that whatever Phaedra was saying was true. Williams learned that Parks had been saying that Kandi Burruss told Parks that she wanted to have sex with Porsha. And in order to have sex with her, she was willing to drug her.

This was a rape accusation and Porsha took the accusation very seriously.

Kandi Burruss was very disappointed in hearing these rumors, as it made her look like a rapist. Porsha was even more devastated when she learned that Phaedra may have been lying about this accusation. No one really knows why she would lie about such a horrible thing, but many speculate it was done to create some distance between Porsha and Kandi, as Parks may have been threatened by their friendship. After the reunion special aired, many people watched Porsha Williams' timeline on Twitter to see if she would be saying something about their current friendship, but she has remained silent for the most part about how they're getting along these days.

Porsha Williams has weird new hobby after dramatic revelation

Just because Williams isn't saying anything about her friendship with Parks doesn't mean she's not tweeting. In fact, just this week it sounds like Porsha has moved on and she's now talking about feeling like the biggest creep on social media because she's now starting to care about total strangers and the relationships on her timeline.

She joked about this in the tweet that clearly shows that she has something else on her mind other than her broken friendship with Phaedra.

One can imagine that Phaedra wants to be a part of Porsha’s life these days, especially if she is starting to date again.

While the ladies were filming the show, Williams revealed that she wanted to have a baby and she was willing to have a baby outside of wedlock. If she continues with this plan even though she's no longer friends with Phaedra, one can imagine that Parks will be devastated that she's not a part of this journey.

Is Porsha Williams signing on next season?

However, Williams may not want a liar as a friend when she's about to start a family. Fans will have to wait and see how this friendship either resolves itself or ends on the next season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

And, if rumors are correct, Porsha may be the one telling fans about their friendship. Many people are calling for Phaedra to be fired because of what happened.

Radar Online reported a few week sago that she actually broke her Bravo contract, as she isn't allowed to spread false rumors about her co-stars to create drama for the sake of the show.

Bravo has yet to reveal whether or not Phaedra will be fired. Parks herself has revealed that things happen for reason and that she does not want to go into detail as to why she said what she did on the show. However, she's never actually admitted to lying, so things are still up in the air as to what really happened.

Are you surprised that Porsha Williams is already moved on from the drama with Phaedra Parks? Are you surprised she's joking about feeling like a creep on social media for caring about other people's relationships?