Christina El Moussa had a very scary incident happen at her home recently. She is the mother of two children, her youngest being less than 2-years-old. El Moussa is famous for being half of the power couple on HGTV's "Flip or Flop." It was announced at the end of last year that Christina and Tarek El Moussa had filed for divorce after being separated for nearly six months prior.

What happened to Christina's son?

An incident that could be described as a mother's greatest nightmare happened to Christina and her son. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Christina El Moussa's son fell into the family pool while being watched by the nanny.

She was quick to jump into action, diving in immediately after the little boy. While everything appeared to be alright, Christina still insisted she take her son to the hospital to be checked out. It was there that she was met with some questions.

It appears that the hospital is required to report all water-related issues with children to Child Protective Services (CPS). Christina El Moussa was questioned about the events, and it was obviously an accident as no further action has been taken. It was probably one of the most horrific things El Moussa will have to deal with, especially because the nanny is one of her good friends. In fact, she is the daughter of Gary Anderson, the man Christina reportedly cheated on Tarek with.

While those allegations have never been confirmed, her relationship with Anderson was. Unfortunately, the two have already called it quits.

Christina constantly makes headlines

Once the divorce was announced last year, Christina El Moussa was continuously making headlines. A dispute she had with Tarek El Moussa was made public, leaking the rumored affair with Gary Anderson.

Now, the two are living separately and when their little boy fell into the pool he was in her care. The two have decided to remain amicable through their split in order to make it easier on their two children. Rumors of a possible reconciliation have been making their way across social media and as of now, there has been no admission one way or the other.

"Flip or Flop" still had some filming to do and Christina wasn't ready to let her fame die out just yet. She has reportedly been trying to get herself a new show to remain in the spotlight. El Moussa was lucky to dodge a situation with her son that could have turned out much differently had the nanny not been quick to jump in.