According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros has decided to revive the famous "Matrix" saga.

Keanu Reeves played the lead role of Neo in the original trilogy — which premiered in 1999. "The Matrix" was a science fiction feature film with original intrigue and spectacular visual effects.

The idea of the movie is that people live in a virtual world called "The Matrix" created by an artificial intelligence — following the war between people and machines. The film contains numerous references to the hacker and cyberpunk subcultures, as well as to various religious and philosophical ideologies.

Two more films — "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions" — were released in 2003

A new actor in the lead role

The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner Bros Studio is currently discussing "reviving" the franchise "The Matrix". So far, it is not known how the new movie will be produced —reboot, remake, sequel or prequel. Zak Penn could be writing the script for the new film and the lead role could be played by the actor Michael B. Jordan. Joel Silver — the original producer of the trilogy — would have approached the Warner Bros. studio with the idea of continuing the franchise "The Matrix", according to the same source.

Wachowski brothers could be excluded

The Wachowski brothers — the screenwriters and directors of the three films from this trilogy —might not be involved in the new production.

Warner Bros hopes at least to get their "blessing" before allowing the project to start. According to the same source, in 2012, Joel Silver sold all of his rights for the "The Matrix" trilogy to Warner Bros for $30 million and he seems to have "tense relationship" with the Wachowski brothers.

Keanu Reeves will play Neo again with one condition

Two months ago, the main actors in the distribution of the original franchise "The Matrix" gathered in public for the first time since the release of the third film from this trilogy.

Keanu Reeves revealed in an interview the conditions that might persuade him to play the lead role in this movie again.

The interpreter of Neo has recently said he is ready to take on the role only if the Wachowski brothers are involved in the project. The actor said Wachowski should be involved and they should write the script and direct the movie.

The three "Matrix" movies — written and directed by the Wachowski brothers— have so far generated over $1.5 billion in revenue worldwide.