Drama in the “Teen Mom OG” universe continues to ensue as Amber Portwood recently called off her engagement with Matt Baier and canceled the wedding. It, however, has been revealed by sources close to the “Teen Mom OG” couple that they are still living together.

Why did she end the engagement?

Amber called off plans to get married to her controversial boyfriend Matt Baier after he failed a lie detector test asking him whether or not he had cheated on his girlfriend of three years. While most fans of the MTV series have never been a big fan of Matt, who can really blame her for wanting to cancel the wedding?

Who’d want to get married to someone who had been with you for three years and still cheated on you?

Are they trying to work it out?

A source close to the drama-riddled couple told Radar Online that Amber has not made any decisions regarding whether or not to call it quits for good with Baier. “Chugging along for now” were the exact words the close source used to describe the relationship between the two TV personalities.

Matt isn’t a fan favorite

As stated previously, “Teen Mom OG” fans don’t care for her controversial boyfriend. First, there’s the fact that he’s nearly twice her age. Then, there’s the fact that he lied about how many children he had. He told Amber he had two children with an ex.

It turned out he had nine children with seven different women. Baier also neglected to tell Amber that he had actually made a move on Farrah Abraham – Amber’s co-star – before trying to get with Portwood. Naturally, it isn’t hard to see why most fans wish Amber would just kick him to the curb for good.

How does Farrah Abraham feel?

Unsurprisingly, Farrah Abraham felt the need to give her opinion of her co-star calling off the engagement and the wedding. Those who follow “Teen Mom OG” know Farrah has picked a fight with just about every one of her co-stars – as well as some of the “Teen Mom 2” cast. In all seriousness, is there anyone Farrah won’t pick a fight with?

Given the fact that Matt tried to make a move on Abraham first and Farrah had previously claimed he looked like a pedophile, it isn’t too much of a shock that she had an opinion on the canceled wedding. Just what was her opinion? Simply that she wasn’t surprised.

While the wedding between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier appears to be off for now, the two are still living together and in a relationship. So, who knows what will happen next? Do you think Amber needs to cut her losses and move on from Matt, or should she really be giving him another chance to break her heart?