Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall fell in love on "The Bachelor" 2017 and are now engaged. She is from Canada and Nick is from the United States, so they had to figure out the best way to make their life work. Nick joined "Dancing With the Stars" right after his time on "The Bachelor" was over. Now that he was kicked off of "DWTS" the couple is moving on and has to figure out what to do and where to live together. So what do they have planned now?

Vanessa shares all the details

Vanessa and Nick are doing great in LA, and she revealed what plans they have now.

While at the GBK Production's Pre-MTV Movie & TV Awards event at the LUXE Hotel earlier today Vanessa Grimaldi talked about what is going on with her job and where they plan to live. Vanessa made it very clear on the show that she is close to her family and didn't want to move away from them for sure. The thing is she did end up moving right away to be with her new fiance. Some fans thought that Nick and Vanessa might not work because of this issue. Vanessa shared how things are for them now.

"I was, and my family was very supportive of the idea of moving. I’m still bringing and carrying on my work from home with me. I’m still planning on teaching. I’m still planning on being part of that life that I had in Montreal.

It was a decision we both made together, and we’re both very happy about that decision. Both of our families are very happy that we’re together and we’re starting our life together."

It looks like they have it all figured out. She did go on to reveal that they haven't been able to have a lot of time to explore Los Angeles just yet, but now that Nick isn't on "DWTS" they may have a bit more time to do that, which is great.

Vanessa Grimaldi went on to explain that she is able to FaceTime her family every single day, which makes it all easier on her. She is also planning a big visit to see them very soon and her fiance Nick Viall is going along with her.

Fans wondered if Nick and Vanessa would make it since he went straight to "Dancing With the Stars" after they were able to show the world that they were a couple.

Sean and Catherine Lowe did this, and it worked out just fine. They even just had their first baby together. Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff did it, and they didn't last. Some people feel like there is a "Dancing With the Stars" curse where couples that go on there won't last, but only time will tell if they can make it work out.

Are you shocked to hear that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are going to be staying in LA? Do you think that these two will last? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" with Rachel Lindsay starting on May 22 on ABC.