On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Shirley Spectra's old-school methods turned into an epic fail. Shirley tried to resurrect Spectra Fashions using knock-off designs from Forrester Creations. This is how her sister Sally Spectra stayed in business decades ago. Shirley came to town with her granddaughter's Sally and Coco and began working in the old Spectra building. it wasn't long before Shirley found out that what worked for her sister landed her granddaughter in jail.

The Spectra way of doing things

Young Sally tried to be legit, and make her own designs, but reporter Jared Maxwell gave her a scathing review.

Grandma Shirley continually told Sally that the Spectra's were knock-off artists. She insisted that the only way they could make it was to steal from the Forrester family. Sally did nothing as Grandma had Saul place tiny cameras inside jewelry that Sally's little sister Coco wore. While Coco was doing her internship at Forrester, her family was using her without her knowledge.

When it was discovered at the Spectra fashion show that the models were wearing gowns stolen from Forrester and tweaked, everything hit at once. Coco realized she had been used by her family. Thomas Forrester knew that Sally, the woman he loved, lied to him, and Sally was ashamed that she listened to her grandmother, and betrayed the man she was failing in love with.

Grandma Shirley does not always know best

Shirley Spectra was stuck using the old-school methods that worked for her sister. She pushed Sally hard, insisting that stealing from Forrester was the only way a Spectra could make it in the fashion world. Shirley did not believe in Sally as a designer. She resorted to what worked in the past and it was an epic fail.

The Forrester family pressed charges, and initially young Sally was facing up to 15 years in prison. The charges were larceny and corporate espionage.

It never crossed the mind of Shirley Spectra that her advice could cause her granddaughter so much trouble. Even with Thomas Forrester speaking to the judge on her behalf, Sally could still be looking at 5 years behind bars.

Grandma wanted to resurrect her sister's fashion empire. Instead, her actions may cause the business to be shut down for good.

Her low opinion of Spectras as con artists not only ruined Sally's life, but also her little sister. Coco was devastated to realize that her grandmother made her an unwitting accomplice in the crime, and cost her the internship at Forrester Creations. Her sister's son C.J. is also caught in the mix. He owns the building and was counting on Sally to come through and pay the rent.