Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has acted weird again. Already known for his “deep” thinking and bizarre acts, the young actor and model turned to Twitter to show his indignation to Four Seasons Hotel. It all started after the hotel staff served him with pancakes that were spiked with cheese as he tweeted.

The “Karate Kid” star has ordered the hotel specialty called Lemon Ricotta pancakes unaware that it contains cheese. The son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith who has turned vegan last year has stopped eating meat products including dairy.

He then wrote a series of tweets that started with him being served pancakes with cakes and he was surprised he was still alive.

Jaden Smith puts down a famous hotel on social media

In another tweet it says that he was kicked of his room at the hotel according to Travel Pulse and in another one he wrote that he wants to throw up on himself. To sum it all, he conveys that the Four Seasons Hotel that he was a dissatisfied customer.

However, according to Toronto Life, the “After Earth” star wants to extend his stay at the hotel but it was fully booked with only a smaller room left. The pancake he was agitated about was ordered by him from the menu that clearly describes the pancake as something that has cheese on it.

Plenty of those who responded were saying that he is being a brat, ignorant, and unreasonable.

Those who know and follow Jaden Smith are questioning how the power couple’s has reared their children. The “Suicide Squad” actor admitted that they have some parental lapses. Will Smith admitted that he and his wife have developed their children to decide on what they want and allow them to go near the edge.

They are known for being unconventional and very assertive. At a young age, they already plan things beyond the grasp of other teenagers like them.

Jaden Smith allegedly kicked out of a hotel

By reading between the lines, the young Smith is again acting up his weird self. Tweeting about his experience at the hotel with such strong words is irresponsible.

It can be recalled that the young actor has been doing extreme acts and talks in such a way that very few understand. A few months back, he was reported to have committed suicide, missing, and will just disappear and nobody would know where he will be. Jaden Smith considers him to be fearless and wise.

He is currently into modeling and has a film called "Life in a Year" which he films in Toronto. Jaden Smith and his sister Willow Smith are considered to be privileged children having famous and influential parents.