Netflix released their first trailer for the animated adaptation "Castlevania," following the story of the classic game from Konami and their previous announcement. The trailer is entitled "Vengeance" and it hints some parts of the story about the disgraced Belmont clan against Vlad Dracula Tepes. Much like the same animation style of "The Last Airbender," Netflix's adaptation shows excellent quality. The episode arrives on July 7, according to Netflix.

"Castlevania" was incorporated into a game by Konami as a dark, fantasy, action-adventure game on numerous consoles.

The main story followed the last surviving member of the Belmont clan, Gabriel Belmont, who attempted to save Europe from the hands of Vlad Dracula Tepes. Along with the great influence of vampires and European folklore, the game became a hit among Western fans and from the rest of the world.

Music, voice acting, and accuracy

According to Netflix's trailer, the voice acting is superb, the background effects and scenery show the dark side, and the animation is excellent. Of course, gore and blood is common in "Castlevania." The well-known weapon of Gabriel Belmont, the whip, is shown in the trailer, which is the key weapons of the game series. Now, fans expect that this adaptation will surpass their expectations.

If expectations are right, the episodic title may feature familiar soundtracks from the original game along with items such as holy water, prayer beads, and more.

Story accuracy and partition

Furthermore, if Netflix makes a successful attempt to make the series famous, then the adaptation's partition may become into numerous episodes.

The studio behind the animation project is Frederator Studios, the team behind famous cartoon shows and animations, while the story is written by Warren Ellis, a comic book icon and best-selling author.

Maybe entertainment teams would incorporate this adaptation into a blockbuster movie, Netflix is just the start and a foundation.

Just like other Disney, book, and other adaptations, this is a strong possibility. For now, July 7 is not that far away and fans are hyped to see the first episode of "Castlevania." Along with the first launch, spoilers and expectations will follow forthwith. Netflix wowed subscribers and viewers with another adaptation just like the previous "The Witcher" series. Nowadays, adaptations into movies and series are getting popular among people.