"friday the 13th the game" is one of the much-awaited survival-horror video game this year. The delayed release has even hyped the fans as anticipation builds up. However, prior to its official release, Gun Media is now getting backlash from Kickstarter backers. While several important game details including trophies and console release time were revealed.

Kickstarter backers are angry

"Friday the 13th The Game" is a project funded by Kickstarter. During its conception, numerous backers invested in the game. These backers were promised of the game codes as soon as it becomes available for release.

However, things did not go as planned and these contributors are now angry that they were not the first ones to experience the game. While this problem has been experienced by several games and projects that were backed by Kickstarter, this group, however, have been very straightforward and vocal about their situation.

The game developer, Gun Media is well aware of what is happening. In fact, Wes Keltner, posted about this in one of his recent posts. Ketler tried pacifying the backers by explaining that their move was meant to create hype about the game as well as to get gamers engaged that will soon translate into higher sales. However, his explanation has no effect on the disappointed fans.

Console release date and time

Meanwhile, "Friday the 13th The Game" will be released in a few more hours. For PC and Xbox One players, they can start downloading it at 12:00 AM eastern standard time. On the other hand, PlayStation 4 players can get their hands on the game a little bit later than that of PC and Xbox One users as their schedule fall at 8 AM Pacific standard time or 11:00 AM eastern standard time.

Trophies and achievements

In playing the game, it pays to have an idea of the achievements and trophies that await you. There is a total of 51 trophies or achievements to be collected in the game that is segmented into four clusters.

As a player, you can get 1 Platinum, 6 Silver, and 42 Bronze. These achievements vary from easy ones to more difficult tasks.

"Friday The 13th: The Game" by Gun Media will be available starting May 26. It is a single and multiplayer semi-open survival horror game. It is founded on the movie that highlights the crazy killing spree of Jason Vorhees. As a player, you can be Jason or any of the seven Camp Counselors that will do anything to survive the camp site in Crystal Lake.