Things are coming to a head on “The White Princess.” The season 1 finale airs on Sunday and there are plenty of fans questioning what will happen to the young pretender, Richard/Perkin Warbeck, and Lizzie. Those who know Philippa Gregory’s novels and real history will know what Henry feels he has to do but does he really want to?

The episode, titled “Old Curses,” brings up some old memories and fears. Lizzie and Henry are at loggerheads, especially as Richard continues to play games in Lizzie’s mind.

Lizzie tries to help her wandering husband

The promo for “The White Princess” makes it clear that Lizzie isn’t going to lose her throne.

Reminding Henry that he took the throne by force (and not by right), she makes it clear that he will need to use force to keep that throne. There is only one real option left when it comes to dealing with Richard, who chose not to escape with his family and live in obscurity.

It looks like he is willing to use that force. During the promo, it looks like Cathy Gordon, who is Richard’s wife and mother to a new York heir, is thrown into the Tower. Henry had told Lizzie he was in love with her, but it appears all that may have been to tease and taunt her. Now he wants to secure his throne and the only way he can do that is by following Lizzie’s guidance.

Old demons attack Lizzie in ‘The White Princess’

However, Lizzie looks like she will lose her security as Queen Consort of England. While history lovers will know that Lizzie was never in any real danger, nobody really knows how she felt during this time. It is certainly possible that she feared death would come, especially if she believed deep down that Perkin Warbeck was her brother Richard.

Old curses crop up in this week’s episode. In the trailer, Lizzie is seen screaming at someone and it looks like Margaret Beaufort has had Lizzie locked in the Tower. It could be just good cutting, but it could also be insecurities and fear seeping into Lizzie’s dreams at night.

Lizzie will certainly currently live in fear.

She gave Maggie the keys to Henry’s closet, making it possible for Richard to escape. All Henry would need to do is apply torture and he would find out his wife had a hand in the fire and the escape attempt.

The White Princess” season 1 will conclude on Sunday night. There is still no word about a second season, but there are certainly still more stories to tell in the world of Tudor history. After all, Henry and Lizzie’s reign didn’t end with (the possible) Richard, Duke of York.