David Beckham was cast in the movie "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword", directed and co-produced by Guy Ritchie. It is the most anticipated movie of the year and everyone can’t wait for the release. The story is about young Arthur who grows up on the streets following his parent’s death. When he learns that his parents died in a car accident, he decides to look for clues about their murder. Most of the movie scenes were filmed in Windsor Great Park, North Wales, Snowdonia, Beddgelert, Wester Ross, and the Isle of Skye.

Working with athletes is a sweet deal for actors

According to Djimon Hounsou, who plays Bedivere in the movie, Beckham is fun to work with, but he has a lot of work to do to develop as an actor. The director agreed that David Beckham was easy to direct, given the fact that as an athlete he was used to being guided by coaches. Nevertheless, he agreed that he has star quality, which not every person have.

The director of the movie insisted that he did not want David Beckham to shine so much in this movie, because he didn’t want viewers to be bounced out of it. Similarly, he was keen on making short scenes, which is kind of his style. Guy Ritchie admitted that he tried longer scenes before and whenever he watches them, he used to gets bored very quickly.

Therefore, he decided to incorporate his initial directing style into this movie.

The question was directed at Guy Ritchie after he also gave Vinnie Jones his start, making some people wonder what it is that he admires about athlete actors and why he is eager to work with them. The director expressed how he likes both Jones and Beckham as people, in addition to being pleased to work with disciplined athletes who make his job smoother.

Picking Charile Hunnam as the lead actor had its own scenario

When it comes to the leading role, Charlie Hunnam was picked to play King Arthur. When asked about that, Guy Ritchie responded that Hunnam blew everyone away with his 10 screen tests, which he did because the director was not familiar with his work. He knew he deserved the role and worked hard to prove himself.

Hunnam is a very technical actor in the director’s opinion. He said Hunnam is not afraid of hard work and he understands the director’s point of view, making it easy for them to work together and makes for a magnificent production. Playing "King Arthur" came as a natural thing for Charlie Hunnam after his conversations with the director.