The Pokémon GO Adventure Week celebration, which brought the Rock-type Pokémon event has just finished, but as expected, “Pokémon Go” players are already looking for clues about the upcoming event to the augmented reality app. A few days ago, an image emerged on the social networks with the title of a new Pokémon Go event, entitled "Bug-Type Pokémon", which began to spread in different social networks, which seemed to suggest the arrival of A new Pokémon Go event. However, this is a Bug-Type event to be held from June 3 to 4 in Japan, but this event has nothing to do with the events to be launched by Niantic.

In an image revealed in different Facebook groups making reference to this new event, it is shown in the Japanese language the title of the event mentioned, but Niantic has not referred to the subject in this regard yet, at least for now.

The Bug-Type Pokémon Go Event happening next Week

Firstly, we must clarify that the new event announced is not a “Pokémon Go” event for US, AU, CAN, NZ and UK players as it has been announced in social networks. A group of Japanese Pokémon Go players has been planning a new event with the title: "Bug-Type Pokémon". However, the image is not for “Pokémon Go”, at least unofficial. Japanese “Pokémon Go” players apparently organize a "Pokémon Bug Day event" to be held on June 3rd and 4th.

It is said that this main event will aim to fill the local gyms with rare Pokémon. In a revealed image by the group of fans, it can be seen a great variety of very rare creatures never seen before in the game of augmented reality.

So why June 4?

Well, this hedge is a play on words. The Japanese word for insect is pronounced like "mushi" and the numbers six and four can be read like "mu" and "shi".

So on June 4, you can literally pronounce it as an insect in Japanese. It should be noted that this group of players has been planning and organizing the "Bug Day event" unofficially since April, and even got a hashtag account that will spread all the events that are happening in the game online.

It's obvious that this is not a new “Pokémon Go” official event, as advertised; however, this could be a very good way to keep fans interested and having fun playing.

Because gyms typically fill with the same Pokémon, it will be nice to see them full of creatures of this type, even if only for a few days, as players plan to take the game further, depending on how successful they are.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.