The expected release of the Legendary Pokémon has been one of the most talked about themes in social networks by fans of "Pokémon GO." Rumors are flying that Niantic will finally release legendaries on July 6 at midnight. This information is being talked about in various Facebook Groups by many fans of the Pokémon community who have been waiting long months for the arrival of these prized creatures, but so far no news sources related to Niantic have shared the information.

How long will we wait for legendaries release?

The "Pokémon GO" event launched last week has just ended and as was expected, once again starts growing expectations about what the next event to reach the augmented reality app will be.

Recently, Niantic developers in Japan commented on the possibility that the company launches a different event every week. However, Niantic has not announced whether there will be a new event next week yet, but it is known that there are signs that the company is working on something big. According to reports revealed in previous days by Niantic, the developers of "Pokémon GO" are working on updating the Gyms as well as in new improvements and updates for the game. It should be noted that Niantic developers have referred to the legendary Pokémon by repeatedly pointing out that these prized creatures will come to the app this summer, but have not given a specific launch date.

A new speculation about the legendaries release generates expectations

One of the most anticipated features for “Pokemon GO” fans is the arrival of the legendary Pokémon. A few months ago, Niantic showed a kind of large-scale event where players living specifically in the Times Square area managed to catch a giant Mewtwo, and that's been the image we've all had in our heads ever since.

On repeated occasions, Niantic has promised the release of these legendary creatures, which has kept the players very attentive to this update. Rumors Run Wild that “legendary Pokémon” will be released in July. Facebook groups are going crazy with the speculation that Niantic will release legendaries on July, 6. Well, it would be understandable, if we consider that for the time most of the children will be out of schools and that it can catch their attention being on vacation.

For now, this is just a great speculation so we have to wait for Niantic come out and confirm it. It is worth to note that July 6 is the anniversary of the app.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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