Season 8 of “The Walking Dead” recently wrapped filming of the 100th episode, with the shooting now up to the second or third episode. While fans are getting impatient, waiting for any spoilers, news or images from the set, the waiting can be hard.

However, as noted by Comicbook a real, live (if small) piece of footage has been released by Greg Nicotero, the executive producer of “The Walking Dead.” A short video was posted to hisgnicotero” Instagram account and while we can’t show you an Instagram video here, we can tell readers that they won’t see any of our heroes in the footage, but you will see a walker, stumbling along through the woods, which appears to have been extracted from the latest filmed episode.

As noted by one Instagram fan, Nicotero has a “crazed sense of humor.” User farmer.sherry then notes that after filming seven seasons of “The Walking Dead,” he would pretty much have to.

The TWD walker and the ‘Rabbit Season’ sign

What the Instagram video footage shows is Nicotero calling action for the walker to begin stumbling through the woods towards its next potential meal. On its jerky and raggedy way, the walker steps in front of a sign stuck to a tree. On the sign are the words, “Rabbit Season.”

It is not clear whether the sign is indicative of anything of importance and Nicotero added no caption to the video.

Also, the sign is very obviously made from paper and is clearly not an official prop. However, this clip probably is part of Season 8 - as the production slate used for the shot is also labeled “Rabbit Season.”

Fan-Made video of “The Walking Dead”

While this was only a small gift to fans, it does give you the feeling that the show is coming at some stage and gets the excitement going as least a little.

However, a fan-made video will definitely arouse all the emotions viewers experience when watching the AMC show. A really dedicated fan put together clips from various seasons of “The Walking Dead” to make an emotional roller-coaster ride of what happened during Season 7. Beautifully made and produced by tstudios, it shows Rick’s journey towards finally deciding to go to war and all the reasons behind that decision.

As fans know, the most recent season of “The Walking Dead” saw Negan steamrollering Rick Grimes and his Alexandria group with many of his people beaten, bullied or killed. It also shows how Rick is not ready to accept defeat. The video is titled the “March to War.”

According to Comicbook, the title is actually taken from an arc of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” comics – an arc never referenced in the TV show. However, the coming episodes for Season 8 will begin with the much-anticipated Episode 100, which is titled “All Out War.” According to the comic side of things, that title was used directly after “March to War,” with Rick and his trusty group directly going against Negan and his Saviors.

In Season 8, we already know that Rick Grimes, the Alexandria community and others are now ready for all out war with Negan and the Saviors. Now we just have to be patient and wait for more spoilers and hints.