This season of "The Bachelorette" is different from the previous ones as it features the first black lead, Rachel Lindsay. No wonder people were so excited to watch the premiere episode that aired on Monday which peaked 5.7 million viewers. But fans of the show were not happy with Lindsay's choices when she sent home the hot Asian guy, Blake K.

Wrong choice?

While seven of the bachelors who were sent home did not make an impression on the show's viewers, one guy became an instant fan favorite: Blake K. But everyone was confused when Lindsay chose the man called the "Whaboom" guy over the Asian guy.

Immediately, fans expressed how disappointed they were that Blake K went home and the Whaboom guy stayed. Blake K is a handsome former Marine from San Francisco, and he has a charm that no one can resist (except Lindsay and "The Bachelorette" producers.)

On the other hand, Lucas Yancey aka the "Whaboom guy," who listed his occupation as "Whaboom," got the last rose. Viewers were annoyed by his loud antics, and many agree that his entrance was terrible. According to reports, he actually works as a real estate investor and developer but he is also into acting and comedy.

But it appears that viewers find his humorous side very irritating.,

Viewer's reactions

When Blake K. was sent home, but Lucas kept, many took to Twitter to express themselves. One user said that he never felt an immediate visceral disdain for a person as he did for the Whaboom guy. Another said that she hopes that he will trip over and break his jaw so he can never talk again.

People also called the Whaboom guy a damn mess, saying they will have a riot once he tries to speak again. Unfortunately, viewers don't have a choice but to watch this guy on their television screens, since he received a rose.

While many were unhappy that the Whaboom guy stayed, many were also devasted that Blake K went home.

One Twitter user said that he is the most handsome guy he has ever seen, and he is one of the finest men. Others are saying that Blake K should return or that he could be the next star of "The Bachelor."

Blake speaks up

After being rejected by Lindsay, Blake admitted that he was disheartened and disappointed since he really wanted to be there. He added that Lindsay is an amazing perso,n but he thinks she isn't the one for him. Although he did not make an impression to Lindsay, the viewers are very much into him, which is apparently a good thing.

Others speculated that Blake's premature exit from the "The Bachelorette" was actually his own decision. Fans pointed out that he went home to Hawaii to see his 90-year-old grandfather who was in the ICU. Reports are saying that this could be the reason why Blake went home early.