New spoilers for "The Young and the Restless" reveal that Chloe will be in big trouble this week. On the other hand, Chelsea will also make a shocking discovery. Further, Chelsea and Nick will be visiting Dr. Harris with their desire to look for more answers. In this regard, Chloe will take her action, and this might lead her to kill one character this week. Who will she attempt to kill?

Dr. Harris tight-lipped of Chloe's whereabouts

"The Young and the Restless" spoilers tease that Dr. Harris knows something about Chloe. Hence, Chelsea and Nick will be visiting him at his home as they try to get some information on where Chloe is.

Nick has a positive thought that the doctor knows her location. Both of them will look for clues and answers for them to decide their next move. On the other hand, Chelsea also has the thought that Chloe is only hiding in Dr. Harris' house.

Meanwhile, spoilers further reveal that Dr. Harris will call Victor and will talk to him about the matter. Victor, on the other hand, will also insist that he basically knows what he has to do with it. Further, he will promise to Victor that he will take care and handle the situation. In this case, Chloe will suspect that Dr. Harris will spill off the details about her. She has the thought that the doctor might kill her if she doesn't act fast.

Chloe sets to kill Dr. Harris?

As the tension continues to rev up, Chloe will be seen trying to kill the doctor.

She will grab a pair of scissors and will try to stab the doctor on his back. One exciting thing to look forward to is whether Chloe will be able to do it. Meanwhile, Chelsea will also find a shocking discovery. Spoilers tease that she will find something on the floor. Will this be the body of Dr. Harris after being killed by Chloe? This is something shocking to stay tuned.

On the other side of the plotline, spoilers reveal that Juliet will be fired from work. Apparently, Hilary wants Juliet to claim that she has been sexually harassed. In this case, Juliet will have to think twice since it might also trigger that her secret with Cane will be exposed through a lawsuit. Meanwhile, Hilary will continue to urge Juliet to create havoc.

Further, Cane was also aware that Hilary knew about his cheating thing to Lily. He will be worried that Hilary might expose his secret as a sort of vengeance to Lily. On the other hand, Lily will become suspicious about Cane's worries lately. Will she find out that Cane has cheated her? Stay tuned how surprising the storyline goes.

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