Chloe has been hiding away since she killed the husband of her former friend, Chelsea. "The Young and the Restless" spoilers reveal that she has gone into hiding with the help of Nick's father, Victor. In this case, Nick will help Chelsea in getting answers to what they are looking for. Eventually, they will visit the home of the doctor which they believed that Chloe has been under lock and key.

On the other hand, Kevin will grow worried over his former fiancé. He will realize that Chloe is definitely in great trouble especially if Chelsea will find her location.

He will hope that no one will find her since prison is the outcome that she will be headed for. Meanwhile, Kevin still sees the good in her and thus, he believes that Chloe doesn't deserve to be locked up behind the bar.

Chelsea saves Chloe's life?

Nick and Chelsea are getting close to finding Chloe. Nick will ask his father about her since he has helped Chloe to escape. As they arrive to the doctor's home, Nick will distract his attention while Chelsea will find Chloe who is unconscious on the floor. Further, some pills will be found around her being motionless and almost dead.

If Chloe survives from what happened, Nick and Chelsea will most likely send her to prison. If she will be proven mentally capable, she will face a lengthy procedure on the court.

Apparently, Chloe's payback time of what she has done to Chelsea's husband is drawing near.

On the other hand, it seems like Chelsea has saved her life from the doctor. She could have just left Chloe unconscious on the floor and call it justice for her husband, but she didn't. Despite the hurt that Chloe has given her over the death of her Adam, Chelsea couldn't just let her former friend suffer from her dark fate.

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Kevin to help Chloe escape from prison?

If given the fact that Chloe will be jailed, Kevin seems to place this serious matter in his hand. "The Young and the Restless" spoilers reveal that he could turn out into a different guy for the sake of Chloe. There are possible chances that Kevin will break Chloe out of the jail and both will escape together.

Further, whatever the case, Kevin certainly doesn't like the idea that Chloe will live all her life behind the bar. He still looks forward to the possibility that they still can be family and raise Bella peacefully. Will Kevin pursue his mission over Chloe? Stay tuned as something big might happen the coming weeks on "The Young and the Restless."