Episode 19 of "Arrow" Season 5, titled “Dangerous Liaisons,” will follow Felicity as she is forced into making something illegal for Helix in efforts of finding Adrian Chase. However, this conclusion will not go down well with Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow.

The next chapters will be full of craziness and hyper-intense crisis that we, the fans, want to see at the end of every season. Let us see what the showrunners have prepared for the final segments and it should not be like earlier crisis where the villain is attempting to destroy the city.

Highlights and plot episode 18

On the last episode of "Arrow" season 5, some intense happenings were highlighted involving the superhero characters. Stephen Amell's character, Oliver Queen had sought aid from Bratva in order to track down Adrian Chase (J. Segarra) whom they have seen to be Prometheus, this season's ultimate villain. Felicity went to Helix in order to see the video that recorded Chase taking off his Prometheus mask.

In the next episode titled "Dangerous Liaisons," the trailer shows Felicity going rogue in order to track down Chase. After several failed plans, she has had enough of Oliver's assurance that they will get Chase soon and make him realize that he was the villain called Prometheus.

In the promo, Felicity is shown going rogue. Whatever Helix's project is for Chase must be illegal. Oliver is working to persuade her to change her mind, but she is fixed. Felicity is sure she can find Chase's hideout on her own.

Spoilers and preview episode 19

The official teaser for the next chapter of "Arrow" has been released and according to the information, this new episode centers on the search for Adrian Chase.

Oliver Queen (S. Amell) and the rest of the Team works with the Police Department of Star City to catch the former district lawyer. In the latest short promo from The CW, Felicity seems to side with the hacker team, Helix, instead of her Team Arrow companions.

The whole city is working to track down the villain who goes by the name Prometheus, but they haven't made any development yet.

Felicity has been trying to persuade Oliver to do a move to unveil Chase's correct colors. However, the Star City mayor doesn't want to listen to her question.

The trailer shows Felicity going rogue as she makes a deal with Helix, who clearly has sinister plans. Felicity finally trusts them to show Oliver that she can find Chase's hideout by herself. Episode 19 of "Arrow" season 5 will air on The CW on Wednesday, May 24at 9.00 pm EST.