There are only two chapters left for this season three of "Jane the Virgin". Next week, it's going to focus on three passionate relationships that have developed on the series and their results. According to the plot of the new episode 19, Jane (G. Rodriguez) and her new lover, young artist Fabian (F. San Martin), will face the problem as to where they stand. It appears that they aren't on the same side when it comes to the state of their relationship, and because of that, Jane is going to have a hard time requiring the man for a courtesy.

Highlights and plot last episode

In episode 18, Jane rushed when Fabian presented her to his grandmother. Following on, he revealed on national television and he and Jane were dating. That evening, Jane made it apparent to him where they are and said she only needed a fling and Fabian admitted that he also required a fling. The synopsis of "Jane the Virgin" season three episode 19 published on Cartermatt states: “Fabian and Jane aren't on the equal page when it happens to their relationship, which presents it hard for Jane to question him for a support. Rafael (J. Baldoni) and Petra (Y. Grobglas) both turn to Jane for help, but Jane is decided not to get affected. In the meantime, Jane aides to help Rogelio (J.

Camil) and Xo (A. Navedo), but might have snapped off more than she can bite.”

Episode 19: spoilers and preview

According to the spoilers published online, the new episode turns around Fabian and Jane's relationship. Things get a few tense between the two when they understand they might not be on the same side. Their relationship gets an unanticipated change when differences emerge.

Jane wants help but she is worried about claiming for it. In the meantime, Rafael and Petra look for Jane's advice to deal with their problems. But the protagonist wants to run away from their issues and not get connected.

Furthermore, she supports Rogelio and Xo but it does not go as presumed. She finds herself in a tough state and, in the trailer, Jane seems to be ready to stop her relationship with Fabian when she attends him on the set of his film.

But Fabian believes she just desires to be intimate with her. This could be difficult for Jane to close the relationship with him. But her personal love life is the smallest of all her dilemmas since both Rafael and Petra return to her for help about their problems. In fact, Jane chooses not to involve herself in their issues, so she declines to give both of them any aid. Episode 19 of "Jane the Virgin" season three will air on Monday, May 15 at 9.00 pm EST on the CW.