The "Flash" season 3 episode 22 saw everything going according to plan, Iris West (Candice Patton) killed by "Savitar." Despite Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) efforts, saving his one true love technically went for naught.

Now, most are eager to see how the "Flash" season finale titled “Finish Line” will end up. A short trailer has been revealed where all roads lead to a showdown between the present and future “Flash.” It is likely that Barry will defeat his future self but complications could arise.

No win-win situation for either Barry

With a showdown set in the season finale of the “Flash,” it seems that Barry’s existence will be put on the line.

A victory over the “God of Speed” seems senseless at this point since Iris is already dead.

Also, a win could explain why the future Barry lived a life of misery and why the team went their separate ways. So should Barry simply bow and lose? It may not be the case as well placing Barry in a tough bind.

More at stake than speed

Showing off skill may no longer be the important thing between the “Flash” and “Savitar,” meaning it could all boil down to a verbal compromise. If one of them dies, it obviously affects the other unless there is a backup plan already in place in what could outwit the other.

If not, a third party could get involved. It could be Cisco/ Vibe (Carlos Valdes) Caitlyn/ Killer Frost (Dana Panabaker), Julian Albert (Tom Felton), Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) Joe West (Jesse L.

Martin) or even H.R. (Tom Cavanagh). The “Speed Bazooka” is also in play so it will be interesting how this factors in against “Savitar.”

Another time warp happening

Once the smoke clears, the next question in the minds of most is Iris. Will Barry go back once again in time to make the save? Or will there be a change for the better or restoring things as they were before the “Flash” messed up things?

If things do go back to the way they were, some key characters could be affected. Wally and Caitlyn could lead normal lives and Julian may end up never existing. Whatever happens, only Barry stands to stay the same, leading an unfortunate life despite his special gift of speed.

There are plenty to consider on what lies ahead.

With messed up timelines, the upcoming showdown between “Flash” and “Savitar” may or may not happen. They could go at it at first but seeing one of them killed is not exactly something expected. One will vanish so the question now is who. Make sure to catch the season 3 finale of the "Flash" on May 23 on the CW Network.