Kiefer O’Reilly is a young Actor who has appeared on screen since the age of three. Kiefer got his start as a background extra on Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” and when the director asked if he was up to the task of saying some lines, a very small star was born. Kiefer went on to appear in an Indie film titled “Floating Away.” His first supporting lead was portraying the character of Zach in “October Kiss” which was also by Hallmark. From there, he went on to appear in “All Yours” and “Legends of Tomorrow” among other creative projects.


Kiefer’s parents own an animation company called Arcana Studio and he has done voice-over work for movies like “Pixies” and the Howard Lovecraft trilogy alongside stars such as Mark Hamill and Christopher Plummer.

Over the course of his career, Kiefer has tackled many somber roles including that of Burke Ramsey, the brother of murdered child beauty JonBenét. In May of 2017, Variety Magazine announced that Kiefer has been officially cast as a brother of kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart in the new movie “I Am Elizabeth Smart.”

The movie is a production of The Lifetime Network Drama and it is being produced by Elizabeth Smart herself. Elizabeth became a household name in 2002 after she was kidnapped and eventually returned home safely. She now advocates for other victims of kidnapping as well as missing persons. Elizabeth narrates the film which chronicles--from her perspective--her harrowing ordeal. Elizabeth was only fourteen years old when she was taken from her Salt Lake City home by a religious fanatic who subsequently chained her up, starved her, drugged her, and raped her for nine months.

Kiefer O’Reilly will appear in the movie largely through flashbacks that Elizabeth has while imprisoned. Despite his young age, Kiefer understands the seriousness of what happened to Elizabeth. He recently discussed his part in this film, and others, in an exclusive Interview.


Blasting News (BN): This is your second movie for Lifetime--do you hope to keep working with them in the future?

Kiefer O'Reilly (KO): Yes, I really like the Lifetime movies especially the true story ones. I find it amazing that families can go through these things and still be okay in the end. It makes me feel very thankful that my family has not had to go through these types of things...knock on wood!

BN: Elizabeth Smart went through a very serious and terrifying ordeal so were you told all about her story prior to auditioning for the movie?

KO: Yes, my Mom always tells me everything about the script before I audition for anything. She says if I don't feel comfortable about playing the part of something then I really shouldn't audition for it. I liked this script a lot, it has a happy ending!

BN: Did you meet Elizabeth in person when you were on set?

KO: I have only been on set for one day so far and she wasn't there. She has been there for most of the week, I heard. Elizabeth is narrating the whole movie.

BN: You have also played the role of Burke Ramsey, brother of the murdered JonBenet. How do you prepare yourself to get into the minds of these people who are going through so much turmoil?

KO: I try to think of something that has happened in my real life that gave me the same feelings that I need to portray.

If I can't think of anything then I really try to imagine what it would feel like and let those emotions take over. During the funeral scene on “Who Killed Jon Benét?” I imagined one of my sisters being in the casket...I burst into tears just thinking about it.

BN: Do you hope to keep starring in dramas or would you like to branch out into other genres? If so, which genres and roles would be most appealing to you?

KO: I like dramas a lot. They make me work hard and I really like that but I would love to be in a comedy! Like a sitcom type of show like “Modern Family.” I think I am quite funny...well, I make sisters laugh a lot!

BN: Is there anything else happening in the near future that you would like to mention?

KO: Yes! I am the voice of Howard Lovecraft in the animated movies and the second one, “Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom” will be coming out in October.

Mark Hamill is in this one! I didn't get to meet him because he recorded on a different day than I did, but his character and my character are together a lot in the movie.

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