Things are going to really heat up next week on "The Bold and the Beautiful." For the week of May 22, the spoilers are out according to She Knows. At the end of last week, there was a big wedding and now Nichole is trying to figure out why she can't get pregnant. Ever since Zende and Nichole got married she has been trying, but it just hasn't happened for her yet.

What is the update on why Nichole can't have a baby?

On Tuesday, Nichole is going to hear heartbreaking news. She got pregnant with her sister's child so easy that she never thought she would have problems getting pregnant herself. Vivienne will be Nichole's shoulder to lean on when she gets this bad news, but so far they aren't revealing exactly what it will be.

On Friday, Nichole will do what she can to see if she can make her dream a reality, which probably means wanting to become a mother. This is important to her and it sounds like she will do everything she can to make it happen.

What else will go down next week?

Maya and Rick are going to head to Paris, which also means asking Zende and Nichole for a big favor. It sounds like they could ask them to babysit, but that hasn't been confirmed just yet. Ridge will offer Zende some kind of opportunity. It could have to do with designing because he recently made it clear that is something he really wants to do. Steffy will also try to make peace between Thomas and Ridge this week as Sally is feeling guilty about having issues with Thomas. It will be interesting to see if they can make their relationship work at all.

Sally is sticking around after Thomas paid off her debt and convinced her to stay in fashion. He is in love with her, but this relationship isn't going to be easy.

This past week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" things were pretty crazy as Brooke had two men begging her to get married. She decided on Million Dollar Bill Spencer and it looks like this relationship is going to last at least for the time being.

She is with him and is going to move on with confidence happy in her life. Ridge will not be okay with this, but it may not take him too long to move on with someone new. Ridge has never had any trouble finding a woman.

Are you shocked to hear Nichole will have issues getting pregnant? Are you ready to see Brooke married to Dollar Bill Spencer? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekdays on CBS.

The week of May 22 sounds like it will be a great week full of new information.

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