On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Thomas Forrester met with his father, sister, and grandfather to discuss his future with Forrester Creations. He braced himself to hear Eric, Steffy, and Ridge say that he could have his job as a designer back under two conditions. Thomas was in no way prepared for the terms his family presented to him.

The conditions for Thomas to return to Forrester

Thomas expected the first concession to be that he would have to stop dating Sally Spectra. He believed the second one would be his family asking him to return the $100,000.00 he invested in Spectra Fashions.

These were the two things he initially would not agree to do that caused his dad Ridge to fire him. Initially, Steffy agreed with their father that Thomas should cut Sally loose and return the money. Eric, however, was more level-headed.

The Forrester patriarch pointed out that the family could not expect Thomas to simply stop loving Sally. Steffy then addressed the issue of Thomas possibly going to work for the competition. Ridge admitted he reacted too quickly in firing his son. The three of them agreed to ask Thomas to return to the family business.

On Monday, Ridge, Steffy and Eric each expressed their desire for Thomas to rejoin the family design team because it was his legacy. They also shared with him the things they had discussed in private.

Thomas listened intently, then walked out. His father, sister, and grandfather believed he was going to process all that had taken place and that he would accept their extended olive branch. They were confident Thomas would return to Forrester Creations, but they were wrong.

Thomas joins the competition

The Forrester clan is unaware that Thomas had already made his decision prior to talking with them.

He knew what he was going to do the day his father fired him. Thomas felt betrayed because Eric named Steffy CEO without considering or even consulting him. Now his sister is sharing the duties of running the company with Ridge. Once again Thomas felt he was overlooked. Eric told his grandson that his day would come to run the company but Thomas believes he is ready to do more now.

Thomas left the meeting and went straight to Spectra Fashions. He told Sally that he was tired of being treated with disrespect at Forrester and that he wanted to work with her. Sally readily agreed and now the two are a team in business as well as in romance. This will no doubt cause tension with the Forrester clan but Thomas is a man in love and on a mission. He is also still hurt by his father's initial reaction to the news that he helped Spectra stay afloat.