Latest spoilers for "The Bold and the Beautiful" reveals that a Love Triangle is about to happen this week. Apparently, there will be a growing tension among the characters of Sally, Saul, and Thomas. It will be expected that the Forresters and Spectras will face some dramas this week. Meanwhile, spoilers tease the jealousy of Thomas over Sally. He doesn't want Thomas to be Sally's business partner. Hence, Sally has to deal with this conflict this week.

Saul wants to be Sally's partner, not Thomas

Saul doesn't like the idea that Sally is choosing Thomas to be her business partner.

On the contrary, he wanted to pitch himself as an alternative to do the business with her. However, "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers reveal that Sally doesn't like the idea of making partners with Saul.

On the other hand, Thomas will be doing a huge favor for Sally. He will try his best to patch things up between Sally and her sister Coco. It seems like Coco hasn't moved on yet from the betrayal that her sister did. For the Spectras, trust could be the biggest issue this week.

Meanwhile, Thomas will do everything that he can in order to make Sally and Coco understand each other again. Hence, it would be an exciting week to look forward to whether their bond should be back to normal again.

In the case of Saul, he will not be happy with how Thomas deals with the Spectras. This week, Saul's anger will burst out.

Katie feels rage over Forrester Creation

Apart from Saul's anger which is expected to rev up this week, "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers also reveal that Katie will also face her own drama. Apparently, she will have some rage over the Forresters.

Since Katie knew something about Ridge and Quinn's secret, she feels as if she has a hold among the two and that she can throw threats anytime she wants.

However, Ridge has the confidence that he can make Katie's mouth in silence. He will try his best to calm Katie down and to keep their secret safe. Nonetheless, Quinn will still be worried about Katie's big mouth.

Further, spoilers reveal that a bigger trouble is expected this week. Katie will finally discover that Ridge is living in the Forrester property. It seems that Katie's fear will grow more since something between Quinn and Ridge have been going strong.

Most probably, Quinn and Ridge are more than just ordinary roommates. It would be believed that the connection between the two of them will lead them to the bedroom before long. Stay tuned for more updates!