As "The Bold and the Beautiful" episode continues on Wednesday, spoilers reveal that Ridge will do whatever he can in order to win back Brooke and be able to forgive him. He will set up a wedding for his dream bride and he will suggest Brooke do nothing but to show up. On the other hand, some spoilers also tease that Quinn will beg on Brooke. Quinn will do whatever she can in order to make sure that Brooke and Ridge will end up together.

Brooke to marry Bill and not Ridge?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers reveal that Brooke is now in the planning stage for her wedding with Bill. Apparently, it looks as if this woman will insist to Ridge that he needs to give up the fight.

However, Ridge won't allow Brooke to just slip off from his hand. He will do whatever he can to earn her forgiveness and make her his bride.

Further, Ridge will not lose hope that Brooke will still make the right decision. Regardless of her plan to marry Bill, Ridge will be waiting for her. Meanwhile, Bill will also believe that Brooke is going to be his bride and he simply can't wait until both of them are happily married.

However, spoilers further reveal that Brooke might be persuaded back by her ex. Apparently, both of them have shared a long history together, made their mistakes, but eventually, both of them usually find a way to reconcile.

As the episode continues, Bill will declare that he is Brooke's destiny and not Ridge. But apparently, Brooke seems to cross the line and might fall back to Ridge.

Quinn to beg on Brooke?

Quinn and Brooke are exactly not the best of friends but enemies. Thus, fans would be a little surprise as spoilers reveal that Quinn will have to beg on Brooke. Why would she do so? Quinn has fixed her mind to make it a mission that she'll make it up with Ridge. She will be seen doing all that she can in order to make sure that Ridge and Brooke will end up together.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers reveal that she will be doing this for her husband to be happy. Quinn has been a lot desperate, however, Brooke will no longer allow her to come in between her life and tell her that she and Ridge can still work on their issues together.

Further, spoilers also tease that Brooke will really marry Bill and she will no longer care about what will happen to the lives of Quinn, Eric, and Ridge.

Moreover, Brooke will be seen focusing on her own family and will no longer care whether Quinn will be upset upon begging her. Apparently, this upcoming episode is the most interesting scenes to watch. Stay tuned!

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