Tuesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Katie felt that she should go home, since it was getting late. "Your wife is out of town and I don't wanna overstep," she told Eric, but he reassured her that he and Quinn are fine, and they trust each other.

Thomas is back

At Thomas's place, Thomas and Steffy had a brother-sister chat. He gushed about Caroline and Douglas, but didn't have information on when they might be coming back. Steffy confessed that she thinks it is possible that Quinn might genuinely love their grandfather, even though she will never trust her.

She hoped that their grandfather won't be as hurt when Quinn has a 'meltdown'.

Ridge finds out about the real Quinn

The square off between Quinn and Ridge in San Francisco at the hotel room was at a turning point. "Why are you still here?" Quinn asked. Ridge reasoned that neither of them shouldn't be alone at that moment. He then poured himself a drink before offering her another. She demanded that he leave, but Ridge said that he wasn't going anywhere.

"If you really think that I am going to betray Eric, you don't know a damn thing about me," she said. Ridge agreed. To her surprise, he offered to get to know her better, and urged her to talk to him.

Quinn told him what it was like to be poor, and that Bill Spencer had thrown money at her to "get rid of the kid".

She explained that she protected her son from him and every other scumbag that came along. She likened Ridge to the rest of them [men] who were too ready to use her and humiliate her, and she proudly touted that he son Wyatt isn't like that. "Now that I have found the one man on this planet who knows how to truly love another person, after years of turning my back and guarding myself -- I'm not giving that up!


Ridge understood why she doesn't want to lose Eric. However, he added that it is his job to protect him from gold diggers like her, which sounded funny to Quinn. She explained that she had to be mean and aggressive because of the hard life she had in taking care of herself and Wyatt.

When Ridge pointed out that she went too far with Liam, Ivy and the others, she screamed that she hates who she was.

"You and I, we may be so different but there's one thing we have in common -- we would do anything for our children," She admitted to making so many mistakes, and to pushing people away, yet somehow, Eric was able to see through that. Now that she is no longer alone, she cried that she never wants to be alone again.

Ridge then told her that he can now see why his father fell for her, because he sees her for who she really is. "You're amazing," he told her. As he got ready to leave, he gave her a hug and then kissed her.

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